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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


The author of this book is Roald Dahl. This book is about a father and a son who lives in an old caravan They also have a filling station. In those days catching peasants was one of a big activity.And there were 200 of them in the farm of a rich man called MR. Hazell .
So one night Danny's father went to catch the pheasants but he couldn't catch them.But after  days Danny came up with a big idea and with that idea they caught all the pheasants.
That's why the book's name is Danny the champion of the world.
I really liked this book.It is an adventures,emotional story.

It becomes adventures when they go to catch the pheasants.It becomes emotional when we come to know that Danny has lost his mother when he was two.


Friday, 21 September 2018

Geronimo Stilton:A Stinky Cheese Vacation

 In this book Geronimo gets a letter from his uncle when he was checking his letters . His uncle had written that he should come to the castle and meet him because he is going to die. So,Geronimo rushed to his uncle. When he reached there his uncle's home was so dirty and broken and his uncle gave him so much work saying that it was his last wish but his uncle was making him a fool . His uncle wanted to make the castle a hotel , a five - cheese hotel . I think he meant five star hotel . Finally a twist came , they found a treasure .

I liked the story but I didn't like the treasure . The treasure was cheese and it was many years old . This is was very funny . Fa - bulously - funny .The people who only like to read thrillers and horror  stories will not like this book .  I liked this book very much

Friday, 14 September 2018

Harry Potter Quiz

Harry potter and the philosopher s stone
1.  who is the author of 'Harry Potter' series?
2.  Who is currently the head master of Hogwarts , considered by many as greatest wizard of modern times?
3.  What are the 4 houses?
4.  In which house Harry potter belongs?
5.  What is the name of
a.  Harry potter's father?
b.  Harry potter 's mother?
Answers are given at the bottom of this page
Done by Sreya.p


1.  J.K Rowling
2.  Albus Dumbledore
3.  Gryffindor, slyntherin , ravenclaw and hufflepuff
4.  Gryffindor
5.  A. James potter
6.  B. Lilly potter

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Back To Malory Towers

This is my first book review for the year 2018-19. When I got a chance to take a  book I first went to the books corner there I saw a book named 'Malory Towers ', to know more about this book I went to my sister M.Vidya Lakshmi ex-student of  this Vidyalaya .

This book was published in Great Britain 1949 by Euro kids International Limited. In this book I mainly liked some particular stories . This was wonderful book with so many lovely stories and is worth just Rs.300/- .

The cover page was beautifully designed. The green colour attracted me a lot.

I think you will read this book and enjoy it.