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Book Reviews


Friday, 10 July 2020

The Bet by Anton Chekhov

KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     05:35:00  No comments
The Bet by Anton Chekhov is no doubt one of the best short stories I have read till date. It is a story of a young lawyer and a banker, who had difference of opinion about capital punishment. To prove his point right the young lawyer decides to stay behind bars for 15 years for a huge sum of 2 million dollars.

The twist in this story happens when the young lawyer starts reading inside the prison. The writer also shows us the importance of reading and acquiring knowledge in this story.

 I give a rating of 5 ***** for this short story. Read the book to find out what happens to the characters at the end.

Sharmishta Rout

The Bet by Anton Checkov

KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     05:34:00  No comments
The story Bet is the story written by Anton Checkhov.
This story is picked by our librarian . He only is our class to read it and I downloaded it from Google PDF . I read it very happily and it is a story of a banker who told a bet to a young lawyer who was only 20 years old and he accepted it. Then many things happened.

At last if you want to know what happened you should read this story . I promise that you that if you read this story you will be surprised at the end .

Arshad Ahmed

The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster

KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     05:30:00  No comments
This story is about an ordinary boy named Milo, who didn’t know what to  do with himself . One day, he received a package bigger than any other package that he had ever received , attached with a bright blue envelope which said , simply “FOR MILO WHO  HAS PLENTY OF TIME”. He unpacked the package and made a tollbooth following the instructions and unfolded the map dictating everything a map could have .

Thus the story has a very interesting start. He drove his car through the tollbooth to an unfamiliar country  .At this part, it increases curiosity that what is going to happen next . He made friendship with “Tock the watch dog .Then he finally reached “Dictionopolis “ the kingdom of words where he made friendship with spelling bee and humbug and met officer shrift. He heard Faintly Macabre's story  and learned about “Digitopolis” the kingdom of numbers  and the banished princess “Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason”. He decided to rescue the princesses. Here the author starts introducing new words within the story .The princesses were banished by king Azas ( ruler of Dictionopolis) . With Humbug and Tock he reached the Forest of Sight where musicians played music to make the forest colourful ,if there were no music ,the forest would only be monotonous and met Chroma.

At this part the author shows the importance of music. And then Milo went to the valley of sound where he rescued the people by giving back their voices and met  Dischord , Dynne and the sound keeper . Here the author shows how it would be without sound. And they found their way to Digitopolis and jumped into conclusions unknowingly and met Canby and swam in the sea of knowledge . Milo made friendship with Dodecahedron the man with 12 faces that has 12 different emotions on each face. He met the mathemagician ,the ruler of Digitopolis and travelled to the mountains of ignorance where demons lived and went to “the castle in the air” escaping from all the demons and then finally rescued the banished princesses and brought them back to the kingdom .And this is the end of the epic journey …

This story shows the importance of words ,numbers and time. And so In my opinion, since this book is filled with antonyms , synonyms and homophones which increases vocabulary of the children along  the epic journey,it’s a must read book for kids …

R. Shravini Arunthiga 5 C

Stories from the Panchatantra

KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     05:28:00  No comments
The stories from the Panchatantra as composed by the great Indian author Pundit Vishnu Sharma ages ago, unfold many facets of mans greed, cruelty, treachery, unfaithfulness, jealousy, harshness and lust for power and pelf, through the fine depiction of animals’ behavior and their interaction with man add the resultant underlying message is very clear. 

I like this story very much. I hope both the young reader a well as elder’s like this story very much.

Aayush.R 6 C


KV KANJIKODE LIBRARY     05:27:00  No comments

I got this book from my uncle as a gift. The book looks wonderful as it has eye catching pictures. The book is based on an original idea Elisabetta Daami.

 It is about Geronimo Stilton a mouse and his adventure trip to Kingdom of Fantasy. It is full of comedy, fun, action and fantasy. Geronimo Stilton has to face many scary trips but he never gives up. Blossom of the fairies is very nice but starts behaving rudely with her friend Geronimo. By reading this book we can find what is wrong with her.

 The Phoenix of Destiny is actually about the frog named Scarlet-hopper daughter of Scribble-hopper who can transform into a phoenix. It is a nice book to read. There are many characters but I love only Jess the dragon.

Anagha Iyer 6 B

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