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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

George and the Big Bang

Authors : Lucy and Stephen Hawkings

This is a wonderful book. The book is all about a kid named George witnessing the Big Bang by going back in time. It is a science fiction and has a lot of mysteries in it.
I found it hard to understand the scientific terms but I sure did enjoy it. i found the story very interesting. The beginning of the story was boring me, but when it reached half way through, it pumped me up to read the full story. It is written in such a way that it makes you skip some pages to find out what comes next. The story has a great unexpected twist which I liked very much. 
This book made me think like I was going to space and I could know what the space really looked like through the amazing photos in between.
I suggest this book for all who love exploring the mysteries of space. This book provides a lot of information for young astronauts. I wasn't surprised at all when I read the book because one of the author of this book was none other than the great scientist Stephen Hawkings. I really wish I could go to the space and explore it on my own.

Akul Rajeev
8- A

Monday, 31 July 2017

Watch Out - Meet the Author Malavika Rajesh

Malavika Rajesh, the author of the book Watch Out , at the age of 12, now 13.
She came to our school to address the Readers Club members because the theme of the book and the theme for us for this year, is Cyber Security. She is a native of Palakkad,studying in Dubai.
"I wrote a poem when I was five. It went like this, I bought a fish ,from the kish,and it ended up in a dish. I know this is not the Charles Dickens type, but i still managed to write one".
This was the sentence that caught my attention. Her speech was fabulous and especially the words. Even though I listened to the speech,what I was looking forward to was her wordings, phrases and how she put  it.
My friends Lavitha and Varsha interviewed her [even though I wanted to be the interviewer, I listened] and she answered them, well.

If this is our Cyber Safety program, I am looking forward to it that anyone else.

Liya Ann Mary
9 B


'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light'. This was quoted by Albus Dumbledore.
Yes, Iam going to speak about Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.At the first I did not like Harry potter books at all. I started reading the book , I don't know why. Sorry to say but it was sitting idle on my bookshelf for 2 years.
If you want to make a child start reading, give them  Harry Potter. 
And I am proud to say that Harry Potter earned me the best friend of my life

Liya Ann Mary
9 B

Middle School : I Funny

Author              :   James Patterson
Acc. No            :   G2454
No. of Pages    :   330

This is yet another hilarious book from the ' Middle School ' book series , written by the awesome James Patterson. As its title says, the story contains so many jokes and it is very funny. Its is similar to the ' Diary of a Wimpy Kid ' book series but even funnier and has good illustrations. This is the funniest story I've ever read until now. 
The story comprises of a funny kid who loves to tell jokes competing for the ' Planet's Funniest Kid Comic ' held in New York. It tells about his funny and tragic incidents he had to face during his lifetime.
I couldn't just stop laughing when I started reading the book.I just wished the story would go on endlessly but if it did, I would've died of laughing so hard. The skills of the author is just simply mind-blowing. I couldn't believe a human being could write such a wonderful and funny story. I wish I could see James Patterson in person so that I can convey my gratitude and also tell him that I am a big fan of him !
I look forward to read the next book from this series, which I am sure is way lot funnier than this book. I hope everyone would read and like this book as it is simply awesome that I wished I was one of the protagonist's friend so that I could enjoy his jokes in real time.

Akul Rajeev

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Rusty Runs Away



The name of the book about which this review is presented is titled "Rusty Runs Away" by Ruskin Bond. It is published by Puffin Books, Penguin Group. Its ISBN is – 9780143333395. The book costs Rs.250 but I get to know about Rusty free of cost from our library.

 The book was from the Fiction section. Even though the illustrations and pictures just appeared rarely in between the story, here or there, it was very helpful in understanding the context. These were made by Archana Sreenivasan. The cover design was done by Aparajita Ninan, which made me to choose it. 

The book is all about Rusty, the protagonist, who tells about his adolescence life in India. He does not like humdrum life and frequently experiences a state of loneliness. He finds his happiness in his banyan tree, reading books, spending time enjoying with his friends and living his life in his own way. He is a guy who is mostly liked by everyone at their first sight of him to mingle and talk with. There were two adventures of running away by Rusty, one from his boarding school and the other from his guardian, fulfilling the meaning of the title. Ruskin Bond have very beautifully exhibited Rusty's life. 

The story awards us with self-confidence and the importance of taking important choices in life which can make it successful or completely topsy-turvy. Rusty teaches us never to be hurt or worried with other's actions and to move forward at any stage of life with confidence, following our mind. It is my request to all those who are reading this review to please read the book.

Admn no. 4682

Book Review - Geronimo Stilton : The Temple of the Ruby of Fire

Book : Geronimo Stilton : The Temple of the Ruby of Fire
Author : Geronimo Stilton
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Acc. No : G2082
Illustrators : Johnny Starcchino and Mary Fontina

This is yet another book from the famous book series 'Geronimo Stilton. This books tells about Geronimo's adventure in the Amazon Basin along with his nephew Benjamin, his cousins Thea, Trap and Professor Paws von Volt in search of the Temple of the Ruby of fire. During their journey, they meet the native tribe called the Yanomami and the descendants of the Incas dynasty.

The story contains funny incidents and provides a lot of information on the tribes and animals of Amazon basin. The most important part is that the story conveys messages on protecting nature and conserving natural resources. The book contains many questions and answers on the Amazon River as well as the native tribes and flora and fauna.

Even though the book is meant for small children, others can also enjoy the story. This is a fabulous book for middle-school students.
Hope scholastic publishes more awesome books like this.

Akul Rajeev
Vlll A



We started our days activity on picking up a lucky draw for Scholastic Book Fair. The draw was taken by our respected principal SMT K. RAJESWARI. The winner was a Class IV student from primary.
Then our club master, Mujib sir, introduced about the Readers Club. He said that The most important thing to remember in club is that to be disciplined and be active participants in every club activity and to be the role models in the school. Then sir talked about the Readers' Club programmes for the session and informed us about the free IT Training Programmes by the Library. 
It was followed by our Principal launching the three Scratch projects by our readers' club members Antony, Akul Rajeev and Sujith A. First two was quiz and the last one was a game, the three programmes were very interesting. And one student from class 7th D, ADARSH.V, won a surprise gift from our librarian for completing the game developed by Antony
Then the Club Secretaries where selected.  Sir told about coming progammes and competitions and showed us the various source for preparing for the competitions and also demonstrated how to post reviews on the Readers' Club blog.
In every month there will be different competitions and mass reading programme in the school every month. Sir asked us to be the leaders in promoting reading habit among the students. 
He also mentioned the honesty of the some students who have deposited the lost money received during the book fair. He also appreciated the members who volunteered to assist during the book fair and also the students who have come forward to help the small children of classes I and II. He told us to be kind and helpful towards the juniors. He said that the library is always open to all and the books and other resources will never be under lock and key as the library is ours and he do not have any doubt on our integrity and honesty.
The meeting concluded and sir told us that 'READERS CLUB IS THE LEADERS CLUB'.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Only Pirate at the Party Paperback by Lindsey Stirling

Writing a review for a book that has had a profound impact on your life is a very daunting challenge, words seldom express the feeling of the heart and I fear that my words would muffle what I have to say. But a pirate never backs out of challenge that is what I have learnt in due course of time, reading this book.
THE ONLY PIRATE AT THE PARTY is a heartfelt memoir of the world renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling. Her life from a bubbly small girl in the suburbs to a rock-a-sock renegade international violinist is highlighted in the book. Filled with funny anecdotes and events, the book captures the unique persona of Lindsey as such.
Her life story is a source of inspiration to millions around the world. Through the course of the book we get to know Lindsey up close and personal. Detailing every triumph she has experienced till now, Lindsey shares stories of her humble yet charmed childhood, humorous adolescence, and life as a struggling musician, personal struggles with anorexia and finally, success as a world class entertainer.
I loved the way the book was written, there is a unique singular voice speaking to you that is charming and funny, that doesn’t bore you. I loved the chapter titles of the book; it certainly was enough to spark interest in reader to start a new chapter. One has to read it to believe it. I was particularly intrigued by everything in the book! (The most fascinating part of the book is definitely the title.)
Lindsey’s story of her struggles with anorexia really helped me fight my inner demons too. Personally I am a huge fan of Lindsey and her music and when I heard about her book being released I couldn’t control my excitement. The main reason why I bought this book was to know more about Lindsey and her life because she is the biggest inspiration in my life and I look up to her more than anyone else in the entire world.           
Her magnetizing story- at once remarkable and universal- is a testimony that there is no singular recipe for success, and despite what people might say, sometimes it’s okay to be the only pirate at the party.

Yeshwanth P
Class XI