Author : Mary Shelly

Publisher : Dhingra Publishing House

Cost : 135 rupees

Pages : 122

     Frankenstein is an imaginary classic novel written by a great writer Mary Shelly. Frankenstein is a story of a monster created by a man called Victor Frankenstein. This book tells a heart touching story. The story begins with a man called Robert Walton and the rest of the story is the explanation of Victor’s life. The story is really amazing with a horror theme. The ending of the story has an exciting finish.

     This book will be liked by everybody because of its theme and the way of presentation. The book is published by Dhingra Publishing House. It costs only rupees 135 and it has a total of 224 pages. This book is also an illustrated series. I liked this book very much and hope you will like reading this book.

 Sayooj Samuel                                                                                                                                             VIII-A                                                                                                                                                          S4617

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