Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

Author : Daniel Defoe

Publisher : UBS Publishers Distribution

Cost : 65 Rupees

Pages : 315

     A book is judged by the way it is written. Likewise Robinson Crusoe is a famous, as well as adventurous story written by one of the world’s best known writer Daniel Defoe. This book is a suspense thriller novel which has got a meaningful story in it.

     The story is about a sailor named Robinson Crusoe who was once trapped in an island between his voyages. He meets a friend there and the story remaining is remarkably exciting and mind thrilling. The way the book written is incredible and the presentation is also very great.

      This book is complete and unabridged with introductions and notes. This book has also got chapter wise summaries and commentaries.  This book has got 27 chapters with 315 pages. I cost 65 rupees and you can get this book from any library. Reading this book feels like being in a real adventure.

     You will be amazed if you read this book once and hope you will enjoy reading it.

   Sayooj Samuel

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