Goosebumps-The Gost next door

                                          REVIEW OF 'GOOSEBUMPS' - THE GHOST NEXT DOOR

                                         She had a dream of fire in her house. Hannah is all alone this summer. All of her friends went to camp and she is stuck with her parents and twin kid brothers. No one is writing to her and the summer is boring her to death. She runs into a kid she has never seen before named Danny. Danny claims he lives across the street, but she did not see him move in. Hannah doesn't recognize any of his friends though he says they go to the same school as her. Things get really weird after she meets Danny and Hannah starts to suspect there is something off with him. Is her neighbor a ghost?At last she founds that Danny is not a ghost.She is the ghost but how?At first she  had a dream. That was not a dream it was real.

                                         I read Goosebumps like a fiend when I was younger. I loved them so much and loved getting scared at night as I read them. It amazes me how they've changed as I grew older. They are great for young adults but as an adult I found the writing very simple and the plot predictable. It's strange reading a book you once loved and find it much less great. I know if I were still a young adult, I would still love this. But I am not, therefore, I don't. Still, R.L. Stine is the master of horror for young adults.

                                                                                                                 J  Afreen Zaibu

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