The story is written by Charles Dickens.The story tells about the orphan boy Oliver Twist.Book contains 200 pages and is written in a simple way that we can understand easily.

Oliver is born in a workhouse in the first half of the nineteenth century. His mother dies during his birth, and he is sent to an orphanage . Along with the other orphans, Oliver is regularly beaten and poorly fed. After some days, he walks up to the the stern authoritarian, Mr. Bumble, and asks for more. For this impertinence, he is put out of the workhouse. He then runs away from the family who take him in. He wants to find his fortune in London. Instead, he falls in with a boy called Jack Dawkins, who is part of a child gang of thieves--run by Fagin. 
Oliver is brought into the gang and trained as a pickpocket. When he goes out on his first job, he runs away and is nearly sent to prison. However, the kindness of the person who was robbed, saves him from the terrors of the city gaol, and instead he is taken into the kindheartedness gentleman's home. However, as soon as he thinks he is settled, Bill Sikes and Nancy (two members of the gang) takes him back. Oliver is once more sent out on a job--this time assisting Sikes on a burglary.
The job goes wrong and Oliver is shot and left behind. Once more he is taken in (this time by the Maylies, the family he was sent to rob), and he spends a wonderful time with them. However, once more Fagin's gang comes after him. Nancy, who is worried about Oliver, tells the Maylies what is happening. When the gang find out about Nancy's treachery, they murder her.
Meanwhile, the Maylies reunite Oliver with the gentleman who helped him out earlier and who turns out to be Oliver's uncle. Fagin has been arrested and hanged for his crimes; and Oliver settles down to a happy life with his family.
It is a touching story of an boy in which the life and fate of an orphan is depicted.I suggest everyone to read the story.

- Gayathry,s

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