Stories from panchatantra

                        Review of ‘Stories from panchatantra’
Through the stories of animals and their adventures Vishnu Sharma took up the challenge of educating the young princes. These stories encompassed the theories of psychology, philosophy, politics and state crafts. The princess found these stories utterly engrossing and it includes confidence, knowledge, personal discipline and spirits of leadership in them. In this way the origin of the panchatantra tales were occurred which can be traced to 200 BC.
This book is published by Tiny Tot Publications which costs 40 rupees only. This book has not only one story! It has 21 stories which are retold by Aradhna Jha Sadhna Kapur. It is edited by Shyam Dua.
 I hope that all will read this book, find the book interesting and surely be very jolly.
                                                                       J Afreen Zaibu

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