AUTHOR           : R.K.NARAYAN

This book is a shortened modern prose version of one of the greatest indian epic ‘The Ramayana’. This book is published by one of the best publishers ‘the penguin books’. This book is suggested by the Tamil version of Ramayana written  by Kamban. He dedicated this book to his uncle Seshachalam.it is printed by  Swapna printing works. This book contains the story of the mighty prince Rama , his wife Sita and his family.Rama and his brothers are born as the sons of king Dasaratha  because of a Mahayagna. Rama and Sita gets married and comes to Ayodhya. His fathers second wife ordered them to go to forest and live there for fourteen years .Ravana the king of Lanka kidnapped Sita. Rama, Laxman and Hanuman along with all the monkeys finds Sita and defeated Ravana and they return back to their kingdom. the main characters of this story are :
Dasaratha-Rama’s father
Kousalya, Kaikeyi, Sumitra-vRama’s mother
Sita-Rama’s wife
Laxmana, Bharathan, Shatrugnan - Rama’s brothers
Hanuman-the greatest devotee of Rama
Ravana-the king of Lanka
It has beautiful coverpage having the picture of Rama giving a ring to Hanuman.It has 167 pages. It is a good book. I recommend the reader to read the message of R.K.Narayan before reading the story.

                                                              WRITTEN BY: ABHIJITH.R.B

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