Saturday, 2 February 2013

Swami And Friends


Topic: Swami and friends

Price:Rs. 95  

Publisher:Indian thought publications


Author:  R.K. Narayan

The book Swami and friends is written by R.K.Narayan. The book is all about the life of a tamil boy Swamimathan and his friends-Rajam,Mani,Somu,Shankar and Samuel. Swami and his friends is the main characters in this book. Out of this four friends, Rajam and Mani are the best friends of Swami and the story tells about their adventures in the schhol and in the imaginary place- Malgudi. The book is inetresting from the very beginning to the end. The Malgudi had only two schools and Swami expelled from the two schools. He had nowhere to study and he disappears from Malgudi. All the Swami's friends goes to many ways except Rajam and Mani. A kind man called M.P.S Nair gives the message to the superintendent of police of Malgudi who is the Rajam's father . He gets the massage and informs Swami's father and he gets him. At last Rajam's father gets transfer to other place and Rajam goes with his father and family and Swami starts studying in the last school with some reasons that he was cheated by someone. 

The book is presented in a nice way. I liked Rajam the most because he has a nice roll as a nice friend. I like the story very much and in my opinion the book is readable to all the students from class 6th to class 10th because it has a very tough language. I hope you will all rush to the library to read this book.



  1. Well done Rasul.
    You may read other stories by R.K Narayan. You will definitely enjoy them too.

  2. nice

    7 b

  3. Rasul,very good review.I am going to rush to the library and get this book tomorrow. :) please check my review everyone, 'Salt and sawdust' also by R.K.Narayan.

  4. Who played Rajam in the TV series? does anyone know the name of the actor?