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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Book Trailer - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Book Trailer - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



Sayooj Samuel
    S 4617

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hindu in School Classroom of the Year Contest - Winners!

Class IX B won Gold in the recently held The Hindu In School Classroom of the Year Contest!

The team was led by Navya, Shweta and Vineeth.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Readers Club Survey of Students

Readers Club Teacher Survey - Reading Habit among Students
-by ShwetaSasidharan and Navya.V

It was with great interest that the members of the Readers club took this survey... and their interest has given fruitful results too. Members were divided into groups each conducting a survey of the teachers/ students. At this moment, all of us are very happy to bring out the results of the survey that was conducted for the teachers. A total of Thirty-seven (37) teachers from various schools and boards(Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vasavi Vidyalaya etc.) were interviewed by the members out of whom there were 29 female and 8 male teachers. We have selected teachers from other schools whose ward is studying in our Vidyalaya so as to make it possible to get the feedback on the KVS Library Policy and the CBSE Reading Project on library usage and reading habit of the students.
English, as a reading language, is the most popular language among teachers with more than 50% of the teachers voting for it with Malayalam seconding the list. Hindi is the least popular one. May be next time, we may have Hindi topping the list.

Teacher recommendations and suggestions definitely influence the students to seek the books to read. The survey revealed that majority of the teachers take time to discuss books in their classroom.
Teachers suggested wonderful ways to improve children’s reading habits like motivation from teachers, parents, opening reading clubs and libraries in the city, making children aware of the good effects of reading, allot sometime in the time table for mass reading and so on. Here are a few graphs that will let you go more into it.

All respondents go with the fact that they enjoy reading. Most of the teachers do have maintain a home library may be this is because they prefer to have books handy to read as and when time permits. It was also seen on the student surveys we conducted that a majority have a good collection of books at home.
The next part is the most important aspect of the survey. It is what the teachers have to say about the reading habit among students.

It is quite a shocking revelation that almost 76% of the teachers say that the reading habit among students is declining while only about 15% don’t go with them. Many teachers point out lack of interest as the main reason for this decline. Motivation is also another thing that the students of the present era don’t come across quite often.
All the teacher respondents agreed that the KVS Library Policy has had an immense positive effect on libraries of different Kendriya Vidayalayas.Let us look into this aspect.

We are very happy to say that a good number of teachers strongly agree that the Reading Project introduced by CBSE recently had an impact in improving the reading habits of children but the majority thinks that it has had only average effect on the targeted - STUDENTS.
Now, a few personal aspects about the teachers’ wards themselves. 29 of the respondents have children studying in our Vidyalaya.
It is heartening to see that more than 95% of the respondents said their children enjoy reading and they do spend time reading at home. May be because the parents are teachers, majority of them do discuss books with their children. Definitely this would have made all the difference.

As all of you know, watching television is one of the most favoured leisure activity for all of us in the present day. But Reading has not been unsuccessful. It has seconded the list. It is clear from the surveys that the policies and facilities introduced by the organisations do have a positive impact on the reading habits among the students. In the coming years, with improvement in all the facilities connected to reading, we are sure that reading will regain the top position.

  It is of special attention that even though most of the respondents do have a home library and membership in public and local libraries, for the majority (79.31%) school libraries are the main source for reading materials.
Based on the feedback from the teacher parents, it is evident that the students are mostly interested in reading novels, stories and comics. Popular science and biographies are yet to gain a prominent place in the reading list of students.
So, now we come to the end of our report. Leaving out a few negatives, the results were all positives. We thank the teachers for supporting us and spending their valuable time with us to answer these questions.

ShwetaSasidharan and Navya.V
Class IX B
Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode

Saturday, 2 March 2013


                          THE INVISIBLE MAN


'THE INVISIBLE MAN' is very incredible to read. It tells about a scientific experiment which caused a man invisible. The man is invisible in the entire story. The illustration is wonderful , In fact the writer is quite thoughtful.

First of all the man appears in the railway station with his entire body covered with clothes, gloves,socks and bandages.Actually he is invisible and just to show-off he wears these things.He himself booked a room in the inn and started working for a new experiment.But he could not found it and as his money was all spent in the experiment and he stole it from a neighbour's  house to meet the expences.Finally the secret revealed and everyone knew that he was an invisible man.So he took up shelter in Kemp's house and realize that Kemp was his batch mate in the college.So he tells the entire story to him.

It happened that the invisible man was brilliant and won an award for his excellence in the college.His name was Griffin. Griffin set out to work for a new experiment in which he found that a glass can be invisible in a cup of water.He worked on it and found that this can also be possible in living-organisms.He tried it in a cat and it won and then on himself So he became invisible.Now he is trying to find a new experiment in which he could come into his normal state.But Dr.Kemp reveals his secret and Griffin made attempts to kill him.Finally it is Griffin who found dead , cold-blooded and visible to all.

Any way  it was trilling to read this book.Thinking that the next ERA will make the story real by inventing such strange experiments.