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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Classroom of the year contest - Award Ceremony and Visit to The Hindu and : A report by Navya

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In the second half of the first day (29.03.2013) we got to visit THE HINDU office at  Chennai. The Kasturi building was very near from we stayed. The prize- giving Ceremony was arranged there.

All  of us and of course, our teachers too, were excited when we heard  the announcement “9 B, Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode has won the gold in The Hindu Classroom of the Year Contest. “

The Managing Editor V. Jayanth and S.Shivakumar, Editor of The Hindu in School talked to all of the participants and presented certificates to the winners. Then we interacted with reporters and other members from the Hindu. Then came the proud moment we were all waiting for.

Then the librarian of the Hindu archives showed us the precious pages of the Hindu which had been preserved from the 1800s. It was really wonderful to hold the copy of The Hindu editions of our Independence Day, the Republic Day and many more memorable days. Then we were taken to the editorial desk where we could see the cartoonist of the Hindu, Mr Surendra who drew a few cartoons for us. We saw how editors there created a sheet of The Hindu in school. We were given a chance to give the new word for the next day and it was Vineeth who suggested the word ‘ panoramic’ . Then it was time for the Reporters’ desk tour. 
All of them there sweat and toil really hard to give out the eight pages of The Hindu in school Edition which we grab and go through every morning. Each one The Hindu In School team extended a warm welcome to us and patiently explained their role and how the School edition of The Hindu is created.

At last it was time for us to leave. We were disappointed at this. We didn’t want to say Goodbye. But alas! This is the way of life. This was the best experience that I had. I am sure my classmates also will agree with me.

Before I wind up, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have played a major role in making this project a reality. Of course, the first in the list is our respected Principal, our dear Nalayini Madam. But for her encouragement and backing, the Project  would not have seen light. The backbone behind the entire Project was our English Teacher, Rugmini Madam, who really helped us with the scripting and did the major share of the work from the start till the end. What would a prepared meal be, if it is not served properly? Here is where the really important role of our dear Mujib Sir comes into play. He was the one who helped us to design the page which has won the contest. I also take this opportunity to thank all my team members who put their heart and soul into this Project. It would not be right if I leave without thanking our IX D friends who were the ones who first made us aware of such a project. I take leave, hoping to be a part of such endeavours in the future too.

Navya Vijayan, IX B


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