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Friday, 28 June 2013

The Fourth Meeting

     The meeting for our club members, the last before the vacation. As we joined at the library, our Librarian Sir, announced about the activity. Some students were called out, well, including me. The task was so simple, just to pass a small story from one another. The first to read the story was our Club Secretary Sweta Sashidharan from class 10th.

    It continued till it reached at the ear of the 23rd student, when the story had shaped out to nothing.
The funny fact was that at the beginning, the story started with an accountant. He was described as a 'Firm Accountant'. It even reached to 'Murthy, the farmer!'... Moreover, there had many endings for different students. Our Librarian Sir selected this activity to show how a news spread through a society. We all enjoyed, and laughed a lot!

 Sayooj Samuel
     IX A

Photographs of Freeze Zone

A Police Station

Super Market

Fish Market

Classroom without the teacher

Fire Rescue


This book is written by my favourite author 'Roald dahl'.This book is about witches.The grand high witch plans to get rid of all the children in England.First the witches will take over all sweet shops.Then they will sell poisoned sweets and chocolates which turns children into mice.This terrible plan is over headed by a little boy (narrator of the story).His Grandma knows something about witches.Unfortunately,before he meets his Grandma, he is turned to a mouse himself.
It is a nice book and I enjoyed reading it.It is published by Puffin books.It is illustrated by Quentin blake.
It is also an award winning tale of Roald dahl.Hope you will read and enjoy this book.


Book: Gulliver’s travels
Author: Jonathan Swift
Publisher: Dhingra Publishing House
Pages: 224
Price: Rs 140
ISBN: 81-7491-630-4

Gulliver’s Travels is a fiction story written by Jonathan Swift, in which a man named Gulliver found himself in an island named Lilliput. He set sail with his friends and a terrible storm lashed their ship. Gulliver with some of his friends left the ship in a boat. But the boat sank and he escaped to an island named Lilliput. The story describes the adventures experienced by Gulliver. The people there were tiny human beings, about six inches tall. They were afraid of him as he appeared to him as a giant. Later, they were not afraid of him. Gulliver stayed in Lilliput for about nine months. After that , he sailed back to his hometown.

There are many interesting characters in this story like Gulliver and others all were the tiny humans such as the emperor of Lilliput, the empress, the ministers and so on…. I enjoyed reading this book. I liked all the characters in this story. The character which I liked most is Gulliver as he adjusted to the living of tiny people and he also helped them in some or the other way.

This book suits young readers as it is written in simple English and it is interesting.   
I enjoyed reading this book. I liked all the characters in this story. The character which I liked most is Gulliver as he adjusted to the living of tiny people and he also helped them in some or the other way.
I felt it was adventurous and interesting and I hope that all would read this book!



A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

The name of the book is “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court “. 

The famous writer Mark Twain wrote this book. I think this book is the last book written by him as this was written on 1889 and he died on 1910. This book is divided into 29 chapters in 222 pages. This book is having simple English as students could understand. And when we read this book we fell all things are happening in front of us 

It tells a story of a Stranger's history. Who was an American person who went to King Arthur's court and made the people of the kingdom by doing magic and they believed it.  Then the people called him 'THE BOSS’. He then visited many places because of his magic he became famous in the places where he went.  He was having a friend named Clarence who was his companion in his magic. Then Yankee [the boss] will fight with the knights of a kingdom and it was conquered. After that, he married sandy who had helped him when he was to be hanged. In addition, they had a daughter. After there was a war between king Arthur and Mordred, in this war king killed. Then at a war, all of Yankee’s friends hid in a cave. At last, many of his people were died except Clarence, Yankee and Merlin. Hearing the death of his people, his laid down and he slept. After many days, also he was not awaked. Then Merlin said that all of us we die now except Yankee and he will sleep until 13 centuries. By hearing this Clarence laughed, laughed, and got a shock from an electric wire and he died .then Merlin will keep a book of all this happened in a script.

 I enjoyed reading this book and I hope my friends will also enjoys it.


The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Name of the  Book: The Diary  of  a  Wimpy  Kid
Author: Jeff  Kinney
Cost: Rs  225
Number  of  Pages : 217
Publication:  Puffin  Books

 The  Diary of  a  Wimpy  Kid , the Ugly  Truth , written  by  Jeff  Kinney  is  really  an interesting   book. This  was  the  first  Wimpy  Kid  that  I  read. This  book  is  written  in  simple  English , so it  is  easy  for  young  readers  to  understand . This  book  centers  around  Greg  and  Rowley .This  book  tells  us  about  the  happenings of  Greg's home  life  , school  life  etc…It's  just  fun . Here , Greg has two  brothers, a  younger  one  and  an  older  one . He  also  has  a mother, a  father , a  grandma  and  so  many  uncles.  My  favourite  character  is  Greg  as  he  has  so  many  role. " Wimpy  Kid "  also  has  many  other  series . Rowley  and  Greg  were  in  a  great  fight , but  before  the  fight  began   they  were  really   good  friends. Then  Greg  was  all  alone . He  had  nobody  to  talk  with  him. After  that  he  planned  to  participate  in  Preechy  Breeze . When  it  was  his  turn  he  slipped  and  fell  down.

 Uncle  Gary  is  really  a  interesting  man , he  was  going  to  marry  for  the  third  time. Then  the  story  will  tell  about  the  adventures  of  Greg  going  to  the  dentist , trying  to  save  the  egg  and  so  on . Anyway the  book  was  really  enjoyable. I think  you  all  will  try  to  read  this  book  and  find  the  remaining  part  of  the  story.


Enchanted World , Silky and the rainbow feather

NAME  OF  THE  BOOK : Enchanted  World , Silky  and  the  Rainbow  Feather
 AUTHOR: Enid  Blyton
 COST : Rs 125

 Enchanted  World , Silky  and  the  Rainbow  Feather  written  by  Enid  Blyton  is  a  very  adventurous  story .  This  book  tells  us  about  the  adventures  of  the  Faraway   Fairies . Silky , wants  to  save  the  Rainbow  Feather  from  Talon  the  Troll . So with  the  help  of  her  old  friends  Petal , Pinx , Bizzy  and  Melody  she  goes  to  the  Sweet  Centennial  and  tries  to  save  the  Talismans  from  the  Troll . All  the  five  fairies  have  their  own  Magical  Powers  like  invisibility  and  so  on .  My  favorite  is  Pinx   as  she  as  a  lot  of  talent . There  are  many  characters  such  as  Zuni ,  Witch  Whisper  etc… I  like  to  read  books  written  by  Enid  Blyton ! 



Malory towers , Second Form

NAME  OF  THE  BOOK : Malory  Towers ,Second  Form
     AUTHOR : Enid   Blyton
     NUMBER  OF  PAGES  : 156
     COST: Rs 125
     PUBLICATION : Egmont

 Malory  Towers   written  by  Enid  Blyton  is  an  amazing  book . There  are  so  many  characters  in  this  book. "Second  Form " at " Malory  Towers " is  156  pages  of  pure  fun and  in  this  bok  everybody  has  a  talent  for  something  like  Belinda – in  Drawing , Alicia – with  her  partner  Betty  for  playing  tricks and  so  on . At  first  three  new  admissions  will  come  and  the  term  will  start . Then  Alicia  and  Betty  would  start  playing  tricks . There are  so  many  teachers  like  the  Mamzelles , Miss  Potts , Miss  Graying  etc… My  favourite  character  in  this  book  is  Sally  because  she  is  brilliant , brave  and  courageous . Then  I  like  many  other  characters  such  as  Jean , Irene  and  Mary Lou  because  they  were  kind  to  everyone. Malory  Towers  is  really  enjoyable !        

Malory Towers, In the Fifth

NAME OF THE BOOK: Malory Towers , In the Fifth
 AUTHOR : Enid  Blyton
 COST: Rs 125

 "In  the  Fifth ''  of  'Malory Towers'  is  an  exciting  story  by  Enid  Blyton . There  are  22  lessons in  this  book. Its  about  the  Entertainment  programme  going  to  be  conducted  by  the  Fifth  formers . In  this  book  there  are  few  more  characters  other  than  the  fifth  formers  like  Felicity , Susan , Jean etc… At  the  beginning  as  usual  new  admissions  will  come . One  of  them  would  be  Maureen , who  has  a  talkative  character . The  entertainment  pantomime  will  be  " Cinderlla''  written  by  Darrell  with  the  help  of  Sally . My  favourite  character  in  this  book  is  Alicia  as  she  had  worked  very  hard  for  the  drama  to  act  as  a  ' Demon  King' . The  Cinderlla  would  be  Mary  Lou  and  the  Prince  would  be  Mavis.
Mamzelle  will  play  a  trick  on  teeth . The  drama  will  be  a  great  success.

Malory Towers, Winter Term

 NAME  OF  THE  BOOK : Malory  Towers , Winter  Term
 AUTHOR : Enid  Blyton
 COST : Rs 125
 NUMBER  OF  PAGES : 156                             

" Winter  Term''  at  'Malory  Towers'   is  a  marvelous  book . This  story  is  about  the  fourth  formers  who  performs  a  " Christmas  concert ". The  characters  of  this  book  are  really  interesting.   They  are  Susan , Felicity , Bonnie , June , Olive , Sylvia  and  so  on . Everyone  has  their  own  structure . Like  June  and  her  friend  Freddie  for  playing  tricks  like  their  sister  Alicia . Bonnie  has a  talent  for  sewing . Susan  and  Felicity  are  very  studious  like  Darrell  who  is  Felicity's  elder  sister . At  the  beginning,  new  joint  formers  will  arrive . This  form  is  really  an  enjoyable  form  and  invites  a  new  teacher , a  new  former  who  is  spying  on  the  fourth  formers  and  for  the  first  time  they  had  a ' Midnight  Feast ' and  they  succeeded  in  their  play .




PUBLICATIONS :  PUFFIN  BOOK                             

 JAMES  AND  THE  GIANT  PEACH  creates  a  marvelous, fantastical  world  for  young  independent  readers.  Roald Dahl's  original  cast  of  characters , magical  and  suspenseful  situations, and  his  liberal addition of  comic  poetry  also  make  this  a terrific read-aloud  book.

In  this  book  James , a young  boy is orphaned  and   is treated  cruelly  and  brutally  by his selfish aunts. Suddenly  fabulous  things  began  to  happen . James  finds  a  massive  golden  peach  and  also  a  small  hole  in  it . He  decides  to  go  inside  it  and  suddenly  his  world  upside  down  as  he  found  many  enormous  creatures  like  grasshopper , spider , silkworm  and  many  others  who  all  were  as  tall  as  him  and  were  so  kind. All  of  them  together  has  one  of  the  most  extraordinary  journey   they  could  ever  imagine . This  book  makes  the  reader's  mind  very  delightful  and  gives  them  fascination .   

Sruthi t.s

Thursday, 27 June 2013

five points of someone

Book: Five points of Someone
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Published By: Rupa Publication
Publication Year:2004

Five points of someone what not to do at IIT  this book is not a guide to make you pass in IIT and this book is not the history of IIT this book is about three friends, this book tell's us what all troubles they face and what all troubles they made their .And this book tell us how bad things can get if you don't think straight.And the story is about the three peoples friendship,their love,life,their future.And the main characters are Hari, Ryan, Alok, Prof Cherian and Neha . The five points are 1. They've messed up their grades big time. 2. Alok and Ryan can't stop bickering with each other. 3. Hari is smitten with Neha who happen's to be Prof Cherian's daughter. 4. As IITians, they're expected to conquer the world, something they know isn't likely to happen. 5. they're with each other. my favorite part in the book is Will we make it? that part so interesting that i liked and another thing is that their was an film on it that was 3 idiots it was an famous film and some changes are their between the book and the film. So i think friends you well also read this book and enjoy it Thank you.



Esio trot


Title: Esio trot

Price: Rs.221

Published by: Penguin

I.S.B.N: 0141322799

Pages: 64

Author: Roald dahl

Edition: 01

Publication year: 2009

The book Esio trot is written by the ever loving author Roald Dahl. The story tells about the romance success of two neighbors Mr. Hoppy and Mrs. Silver in a humorous way. The story explains that Mr.Hoppy and Mrs. Silver lives in an apartment. There were two thing he loved one was the flowers in his balcony and the other one Mrs. Hoppy. Mr. Hoppy cannot expresss his love because he was a shy man. Bur Mrs. Hoppy loved most her  pet tortoise named Alfie. One day Mrs Silver mentions to Mr. Hoppy that Alfie does not weigh much after all he is eating 3 ounce of cabbage. Seeing Mrs. Silver depressed  Mr. Hoppy gets an idea to get her affection and told that she has to chant the magic spell written by him. And from that day, Mr. Hoppy goes all over the pet shops in the town and purchases so many of them. He carefully weights them and compares them with Alfies weight. He builds a hand machine to pick up and to get down. He selects one  tortoise and gets it down by the hand machine and picks Alfie up.  Mrs. Silver notices that the magic spell was working but there came another problem that it wasn't fitting to the small house.Mrs. Silver mwntions it ans he uses te same trick once again. Mrs.Silver marries Mr.Hoppy and they lives happily. The characters of this book are Alfie, Mr.Hoppy, Mrs.Silver, The pet shop owner etc. I like this story very much because its very funny. The book has a number of 64 pages and costs 221 rupees. I think this book can be read from the age group 7 to 12. I hope you will like this book very much.



Monday, 24 June 2013

Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat 

Revolution 2020 is a book by Chetan Bhagat, Rupa publications , Rs140. It  is the story of three childhood friends: Gopal, Raghav, and Aarti. The story is setup in the holy-city of Varanasi. This book is mainly about love, corruption and ambition. Gopal comes from a middle class background. Raghav is from an almost well to do family, where as Aarti comes from a rich and political family. Three of them have their own ambitions in life. Gopal wanted to be a rich man, Raghav wanted to change the world, Aarthi wanted to become an air hostess. The story tells about their triangle love story. Gopal chooses corruption as an aid to become a successful person while Raghav tries to change the world with his revolutionary ideals. He believes that by 2020 a revolution will take place which will change the world. In the end, things kind of change though, and you will be left to yourself to wonder who is right and who is wrong. Except for a faint hint in the end, Chetan doesn’t really judge what Gopal does is good or bad. I think that Raghav is right. The present generation and the generations ahead should not give into this corrupted system like Gopal. I too believe in Revolution 2020. Let’s all pray and work for it, for building up a better India.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The lama ,the snow Leopard and The thunder dragon

The lama ,the snow Leopard and The thunder dragon 

This is a adventures book.When  parents of Kinlay,his sister moof and brother Pem arrested in America. Their life changed.They studied in Boon stock school in Mansuri .In the middle there will be a twist in the story they will go to an another world in the past from there their adventure begins. They saw a child from kinlay's world who was also trapped like this so, a Lama told them a way to escape and they began their journey,on the way a snow Leopard also joined.Will they success in their trip  or.............
You read and find out.
It is a good book I suggest you to read the book.

Thank You

Sreenath R  X C


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Percy Jackson And the lightning thief

Percy Jackson And the lightning thief


Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is the first  book of Olympian Series. The writer has written so nice that when you read it you will only get up after you read that book.The entry of Percy in to the camp and knowing that he was the son of god of water, he was shocked .After that one demon came and told him that he stole the lightning bolt of Zeus and god of death wants that. From there his quest begins and also annabeth and his protector Grover  also joined him and Luke gave him some gifts. They began their journey with the map given by Luke.
You will be surprised to read the the climax of the story. This book became so famous that there is a movie on this book also .This is a book for readers who love to read mythological and adventure books.I hope you will like this book

Thank you

Sreenath R   XC


              Book Review
TITLE: The Vendor of Sweets
AUTHOR: R K Narayan
PUBLISHERS: Indian Thought Publications

This is a story of a sweet vendor named Jagan, who is 55 years old. He is hardworking and humble person who follows Gandhian Principles. He worked his whole life for his only son Mali. He has tried his best to keep his son happy and fulfill all his little desires but the sky-high ambition son wants to go to America and doesn't want to live like his father. As the son goes to America; Jagan’s life is thrown into turmoil. But the tragic happens when his son comes back with an American cum Korean girl.
                                        From there Jagan’s life took a curve. This book is written by R K Narayan. He is one of the children’s favorite and as always he has given a sensational book to us. I prefer this book from class 8-10. I hope all of you like this.



Bachelor of Arts

TITLE: Bachelor of Arts
AUTHOR: R K Narayan
PUBLISHERS: Indian Thought Publications

This is a story about a college student Chandran. He is a bright student in History and also in organizing skits in college but he is awful in doing things self. After his graduation, he lives merely by doing nothing, but withering. During that period he comes across a beautiful girl Malathi. He falls in love with Malathi but goes crazy when he learns that he cannot marry her. He leaves Malgudi and goes to Madras.
                  In Madras his life changes totally.Here the author is R K Narayan. He has written many wonderful stories including this. He is one of the children’s best. I prefer this book from class 8-10. I hope all will enjoy by reading this book.



book review- Ramayana by R.K Narayanan

Having got fed up reading fictions, I decided to go for a change. That’s why I decided to read epic stories. To be frank, now I am an epic fan! The credit goes to the famous author R.K Narayanan, whose book;’ The Ramayana’ has fascinated me to a large extent. His way of writing is simple and at the same time highly captivating. I just did not eel like keeping the book down, once I started reading it.  
Dasaratha was a happy going king who ruled the country named Kosala. The king was unfortunate as he was not blessed with any children. Then it was his minister Vasishtha who was wise enough to come up with Sage Rishya Sringa’s name. The sage performed a yagna and the offering that he got was divided among Dasaratha’s three wives- Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra. Kausalya and Kaikeyi gave birth to Rama and Bharatha respectively, and Sumithra gave birth to Lakshmana and Sathrugna. Rama was loved by everyone because of his kind behaviour and attitude. Rama was married to Sita- Janaka’s beautiful daughter. Now it was the time to choose Dasaratha’s successor. Being the eldest, the vote fell on Rama. But alas! Kaikeyi wanted her son Bharatha to become the king (Thanks to Manthara’s intervention!!) and she wanted Rama to be sent on exile for 14 years. Obediently, Rama followed his parents’ orders. He was accompanied by Sita and Lakshmana.
During his ‘vanvasa’ he destroyed many rakshasas. One among them was Shoorpanaka, Ravana the ten headed king’s sister. Ravana couldn’t stand it. He tried to kill Rama, in many ways but he was unsuccessful. Then he came to know o of the beautiful Sita. He was so lost in her beauty that he captured her and brought her to Lanka. On hearing this Rama became furious. He wanted to kill Ravana, but he did not know how to cross Lanka. During this time Rama, along with Lakshmana, came through the kingdom of the monkeys-Kiskinda. Rama became their hero, as he was victorious against Vali, who everyone hated because of his harshness. In the meanwhile, Hanuman went to Lanka and gifted Rama’s ring to Sita. On his way back, he was captured by the soldiers of Ravana, who lit Hanuman’s tail. With the lit tail, he set the whole Lanka on fire.
Later Rama decided to cross Lanka with the help of the monkeys. They were successful in reaching Lanka by building a bridge across the water. The fierce fight between Rama and Ravana continued for days. Rama was declared the winner as he defeated Ravana by shooting an arrow into his heart. By then the 14 year span was over. Rama, Sita and Lakshmana set back on their journey to Ayodhya. They were welcomed with celebrations and cheers.
It was hard to choose my favourite character from the long list. Even Ravana has got nobility in him. I like Lakshmana the most as he was an ideal brother. He sacrificed his own comforts for the sake of his brother. He supported him during his hardships. He helped him to destroy all the Rakshas. He worshipped his brother as God Almighty. Such siblings are rare to find in the present day.
A reminder to those who haven’t read the Ramayana- this is the right time to start reading it! I can assure you that you will surely enjoy it from the start to the end. So stop waiting and go grab the book right now. In fact I am waiting to read ‘The Mahabharata’ next.
                                                                                      K.Shweta Sasidharan

Friday, 21 June 2013


This fantastic tale is written by Enid Blyton and it is retold by Elise Allen.The story has five fairies in it :Melody,Petal,Silky,Bizzy and Pinx. Through the clouds at the top of the faraway tree lie the lands of the enchanted world. When Talon the evil Troll tries to steal the magical talismans that link, the lands to the tree.The enchanted world is suddenly in danger.To rescue the talismans that have been lost from the faraway tree,Silky will need some help.Luckily she can rely on her best fairy friends to help her in her task.With the special talents of Melody,Petal and Bizzy,Silky must save the lands of the enchanted world. These fairies travels through the enchanted world in search of the magical talismans, they visited the land of  music.So friends are  you sure that they will find the magical talismans?So friends go through the book and find it out..



The book is written by Ellen Miles and it is published by Scholastic junior classic.The story is about a princess named Jessamine.She has eleven elder sisters they are: Azalea,Buttercup,Calendula,Daisy,Daffodil,Dahlia,Echinacea,Forsythia,Gardenia,Heliotrope,Iris.The king loved flowers like his daughters.These princesses loved to dance.But they dance only at the night and not in their castle at an beautiful secret place.They dance one full night until there slippers are worn out.The king wanted to find out where his daughters went at the night.So the king announced a competition where by the contestant had to find out where the princesses went at night and if they win the competition they can marry one of the princess. Any man could try, wheather peasant,nobleman,or prince. And a number of men  tried. They  arrived with full of hope and confidence. But none revealed the mystery behind it.The hero in this story is Julian who is a cowherd. His friend told him about the contest in the palace. Julian was very happy because he saw the contest as an opportunity to marry a princess.So he went to the hoping that he would find out the mystery. Will he succeed in the contest,how?Find it out  by reading the book. This will be liked by everyone.



AUTHOR-Mary Kate
PUBLISHERS-Dual star publishers

This book contains the diary of two twin sisters,Mary Kate and Ashley.

ASHLEY’S DIARY-Ashley and her friend Becky got great jobs working in the headmistress office but the headmistress is strict and has a "three strikes-you are out" rule.Becky had already messed up twice.All the messes are created by a girl named Dana,their classmate.Atlast  headmistress found out the real culprit and Becky and Ashley continues in their job happily.

MARY KATE'S DIARY-Mary Kate got the coolest assignments for a class project.She is working in Starbright stables.She loves in taking care of the horse but her partner Courtney hardly shows up.Mary Kate feels it unfair and decided to to talk to courtney regarding this.Courtney tells her that she is really afraid of horses with tears in her eyes.She describes the happening of an accident before while she rided a horse.Mary Kate feels guilty and helps her in dealing with the horses again.Coutney now does’nt feel nervous and has started to manage the horse named Rigel smartly.Both of them completed their assignments successfully.They also received an A grade for it.
I felt this is really a cute book.i insist all of you to read this.