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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

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Author- Roald Dahl
Publishers- Puffin Books
Pages- 159
Illustrator- Quentin Blake

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is a children's novel written by Roald Dahl. It is the sequel  to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and it was supposed to be followed by Charlie in the White House which was not finished by the author. The Protagonists of the story are Charlie, Mr.Wonka and the Buckets. 

The book starts from the place where Charlie has won the chocolate factory and he and his family are in the Great Glass Elevator to go to the Chocolate Factory. But Willy Wonka goes too far by making the elevator go up which resulted in the Elevator going into orbit. But for their luck the U S had just sent the U.S. Space hotel and they go there. And then they face problem with the President of the US, The Knids and the Wonka-Vite and Vita Wonk. To see how they return safely back to Earth read this book. It is so wonderful and there are some funny parts. And Quentin Blake had done some wonderful drawings which makes reading easier.

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