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Saturday, 27 July 2013


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    Author:Roald Dahl



                    Roald Dahl the famous writer is the author of  Book Matild. The main characters are Matilda,Miss Honey.Mr and Mrs Wormwood, Miss Trunchbull. my friend Krishna Prasad told me it will be a nice one.After reading the book i felt what he told was right.

                     This story is about Matilda Wormwood. Her father is a mean crooked crook who sell old cars saying, it is new by his tricks. And her mother's just plain stupid who only like only fashion. they think matilda is a nuisansce who should watch T.V more than reading many book's. but her lovely teacher Miss honey thinks matilda is a genious.Matilda has a few extraordinary tricks up her sleeve,so her horrible parent's and even more horriblle headmistress Miss Trunchbuul,who is very dangerous. Later, Matilda heard that her parent's along with her was leaving to Spain and would settle the rest of their life there.but Matilda with Miss Honey's help get's the permissionof matilda's staying with Miss Honey in London.

                       This book is illustrated by Quentin Blake. hope you also enjoy reading this book.





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