Feluda Mysteries

 The Criminals Of Kailash

Author- Satyajit Ray
Publishers- Penguin Books
Pages- 40
Cost- Rs 99
ISBN- 978-0-143-33154-4

Feluda Mysteries The Criminals Of Kailash is a comic written in the Feluda Mysteries series comics. The other books in this series are A Bagful Of Mystery, Beware In The Graveyard, Murder By The Sea, Danger In Darjeeling and Killer In Kathmandu. The protagonists in the series are Feluda (Pradosh Mitter), Topshe (Tapesh Mitter) and Jatayu (Lalmohan Ganguli).

The story starts with Feluda's mentor Sidhu Jetha telling him about a stolen statue from a temple. After that they follow two suspicious men who they think could be the culprits. The script by Subhadra Sen Gupta is really nice and Tapas Guha has done a wonderful work with the illustrations. The author gives a vivid description of the ancient temples and the places which make the reader feel as if he is the one in the book witnessing all these. Read this exciting book to know how they catch the crook.

Nirupam V

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