Heroes Of Olympus

Heroes Of Olympus - The Mark Of Athena

Author- Rick Riordan
Publishers- Penguin Books
Pages- 584
Genre- Fantasy, Action

Heroes Of Olympus - The Mark Of Athena is the third book in the Heroes Of Olympus series. The book is preceded by The Son Of Neptune and is to be followed by The House Of Hades which is going to be released on the 8th of October this year. The protagonists of the story are seven demigods namelyPercy Jackson ( Son Of Poseidon), Annabeth Chase (Daughter Of Athena), Jason Grace (Son Of Jupiter) , Piper Mclean (Daughter Of Aphrodite), Leo Valdez (Son Of Hephaestus) , Hazel Levesque (Daughter Of Pluto) and Frank Zhang (Son Of Mars).

The books starts from where the son of Neptune had stopped, where Annabeth, Leo, Jason and Piper are looking for Percy. They arrive at Camp Jupiter, the demigod camp of the Romans. There the seven demigods of the Second Great Prophecy is realized and they have a little bit of problem there. Then they distribute the works to each demigod so that they can close The Doors Of Death and to stop the Earth God Gaia's plans. But Annabeth has another quest, to find the Mark Of Athena and to avenge her mother. Read this wonderful books to know how they escape from two ancient sea gods, two giants and then also from Gaia.

Nirupam V

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