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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rebels in Rajasthan

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This is the review of the story rebels in Rajasthan.This book is written by Shammim Padamsee.It has 9 chapters and it is having 78 pages.This is the story of two  rebels,Vayu and Deeya 's uncle Jhadoo has been kidnapped by an evil Djinn. Now they need to locate the 7 keys that will free him.But the  Djinn has hidden the keys in secret places all over the India. Helping the children is a magic window frame or Jharokha ,that can take them any where they want to go! with uncle Jhadoo's  clue in hand,and jhoky,the boy from the Jharokha,by their side, vayu and deeya land up in the deserts of Rajasthan,were they not only need to find the key,but also save a princess in distress



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