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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hip Hop Nature Boy And Other Poems

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Hip Hop Nature Boy

And Other Poems

                           Title:Hip Hop Nature                            Boy And other poems

                  Author:Ruskin Bond





The book Hip Hop Nature Boy And Other Poems is a bunch of poems by Ruskin Bond- an Indian who had made many thrilling and nature influencing works not only through poems but also by stories, essays etc. This book is one among them and the way he had presented the book is just like the reader will fall in the world of nature. One of the poem is Hip hop Nature boy which is about his experiences with animals and insects and every poem has   Ruskin Bond as a character. I liked reading it because his verses were so presented in a rhythmic way that is rhymes with each and every last word and these verses made me read forward.
And the poems are very funny also.  

 So, I recommend this book to everyone who reads novels because I think these will give you a break. So I hope this 128 pages nature influencing book will give you a break and I hope this review will fulfill the information that will help in buying the book or issuing the book and I think you will also fall in the world of nature just like I fell!!!!!



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