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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Twits

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Author- Roald Dahl
Publishers- Puffin Books
Pages- 104
Cost- Rs 225
ISBN- 978-0-141-32275-9

The Twits is one of the many wondrous books written by the wonderful author Roald Dahl. The protagonists of the book are Mr and Mrs Twit, the Muggle Wump monkeys and the Roly Poly bird.

The story begins with the introduction of the characters and about their life. The Twits are a pair of really disgusting, smelly and hairy people who don't even care to wash themselves. Mr Twit has a long beard which contains a lot of his old food titbits as he never washes it. And Mrs Twit has an ugly face which shows her dirty thoughts. The Twits really enjoy playing tricks on each other and those tricks are really nasty. And the Twits also has a big garden in which they keep their monkeys. The monkeys are a family called Muggle Wumps are they are trained for the dream circus of the Twits. The monkeys along with the Roly Poly Bird finally gets a chance to get even with the Twits. The illustrations of Quentin Blake which accompany Roald Dahl's writing makes the book all the more interesting and simple. Read this book to get to know o the wonderful pranks that the Twits and the monkeys play on each other.

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