The Adventures Of Feluda

The Incident on Kalka Mail

Author- Satyajit Ray
Publishers- Puffin
Pages- 94
Cost- Rs 150
ISBN- 978-0-143-33578-8

The Adventures Of Feluda The Incident on Kalka Mail is the fourth book in the series of twelve written by the Begali director and author Satyajit Ray. This book is translated from the Bengali version by Gopa Majumdar. The entire series revolves around Feluda (Pradosh Chandra Mitter), Topshe(Tapesh Ranjan Mitter) and Jatayu (Lalmohan Ganguli). The book is narrated by Topshe.

On a normal morning really interesting happens right? But for Feluda, well he never has normal mornings. Always going around solving cases. Such was the situation when Feluda got a client with an unusual request. A man named Dinnanath Lahiri accidentally took another man's travel case during a train journey and that starts this round about case. The case contained an ancient manuscript that is priceless and another secret that is priceless which no one but the culprit knows about. This book takes us to the snowy mountains of Shimla where the entire case is solved. The language is really simple and it really gives us an image of whats happening. A comic of the book is also there named Bagful Of Mystery but I felt that the original version is really better than the comic. This book can be read by all the age categories and especially by lovers of mysteries. Me being a lover of mysteries won't tell you anything about how this ends. So, read this book and find out!

Nirupam V

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