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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Feluda Mysteries: A Bagful Of Mysteries

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The Feluda Mysteries: A Bagful Of Mysteries

Title:The Feluda Mysteries: A Bagful Of Mysteries

Author: Satyajit Ray

Pages: 48

Price: Rs.99

Publisher: Penguin books

I.S.B.N: 9780143331094

The Feluda Mysteries- A Bagful Of Mystery is one of the thrilling, adventurous book in the Feluda adventures by  our one and only Bollywood director and a stunning author - Satyajith Ray. Satyajith Ray had made many other works other than Feluda mysteries which includes Our films, Their films, The Emperor's ring which I think is just like his stunning work Appu triology which had struck a chord in Indian Cinema and of course the youth mind of India and I just wish that to be also a book so I could really enjoy it and I think  someday it will. The book is all about the mystery of Feluda- the main protagonist and he is followed by Topshe, Lalmohan Ganguli, Dinananth Lahiri and much more and the story is all about a query on Dinananth  Lahiri's bag which contained an old inscription and some valuables. Lahiri lost them during a journey and Feluda begins his journey once more to find the bag and the rest you read and find out. The book I think can be best quoted with "an aimless train with many passengers" because I think the book goes in one way or another which will not relate the main plot just like an aimless train and the passengers just imitating the characters because it contains a lot that each make a suspect in our mind and the story goes all the way zigzagging through their researchers and  tricks to make clear of the suspect just like the train which is struggling to make their way to the destination. Just like the passenger's anxious and fear that the train will somersault or witness an accident the same way the reader will feel that the book will finish the story in such a manner that it won't relate the main plot and a fear develops in the readers mind about  the pages which is as small as an ant. But just like the god's blessing the train reaches the destination, the same way the reader will also end the book happily. 

The book is published by Penguin books and cost 99 rupees. I like Feluda the most because he is so brave and genious and bold as a man that it makes us a super character in our mind, I recommend this book to all those who like my review because I don't think that there is an age limit for this book. Despite the story which had made my mind  such a way that there is no stone left untouched, there is also a large number of pictures  as in comics and they are all keenly focused on adventure. I think the book had really struck a chord in the Indian inspired youth, readers mind, adventures and of course YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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