Danger In Darjeeling

The book Danger in Darjeeling is one among the Feluda Mysteries written by Satyajit Ray.The story starts with shoot of a film in Darjeeling,which is actually adapted from the novel written by the great Lalmohan Ganguli. Feluda, Topshe and Lalmohan Babu arrive in Darjeeling to watch the film being made, where they meet the mysterious Virupaksha Majumdar, a man with many secrets and a precious gold idol.Then  Virupaksha Majumdar is killed and the idol is stolen.The 3 suspects Lokenath to be the culprit.After that someone tries to kill Feluda by pushing him from a slope.After these they finds the dead body of Lokenath.Who is the killer?Why did he kill him?.To find the answers for such questions take this book from the library and read it.
The pictures makes this book a visual treat.It has also got a nail biting finish.It costs Rs 99 and is published by Puffin books.I liked this book very much and i recommend this book to all my friends who love adventurous books.

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