Monday, 10 February 2014

Narnia:the last battle

The chronicles of Narnia: the last battle

The complete series of Chronicles of Narnia is written by C.S.Lewis. This is the seventh and the final adventure in the chronicles of Narnia series. Lewis dedicated this book to her grandchild.
The main characters are:
Rishda tarkaan
The book contains the war between Jill, Eustace, and tirian against the army of rishda tarkaan. My favourite character in this novel is aslan, because he has a lot of wisdom and he also tells the importance of life to the heroes. This book was awarded the Carnegie medal, one of the highest marks of excellence in children’s literature. It is published by Harper Collins. Its interior art is by Pauline Baynes. It is a book worth reading. It is written in simple English and also it has some pictures for making the children understand the story easily. Read the book to know more and always know
The last battle is the greatest of all battles                       R.B.Abhijith , IX-C      


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