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The Adventures Of Tintin: The Calculus Affai

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Calculus Affair

TITLE:The Adventures Of Tintin: The Calculus Affair


PRICE:7.99 pounds


I.S.B.N: 978-14052-0629-7


 The Adventures Of Tintin: The Calculus Affair is the 18th book in the 24 books of Tintin which had proved a great witness of adventure by Herge. Though I heard not the name of this adventurous author( for which I feel shame now) I had heard enough of Tintin and the Haddock which had really made the younger infants and their older parents somersault after they witnessed the Tintin adventure and now people rush from library to bookshops to even a mobile library to pick his adventure and certainly I am proud to be one of the rushers. The story is all about Calculus affair and needless to say about Calculus and his role as I am sure each and every one is addicted to his adventure . But I am also sure that some of you need to be explained as Tintin is placed like a jewel in our library and many of you( even me) don't know where it is and if luck you get, I'm pretty sure it will be a reserved one. So needless to explain about Tintin's power in our library( as well in other libraries also).The book starts with a catastrophic situation where the Marlinspike hall is got disturbed by a miracle and the book goes on and on and flipping those pages will bring you a new face in our Tintins investigation and you suddenly forgot that the story ends. In my opinion Tintin's adventure can be explained in such a way that 1) it starts with a catastrophic situation 2) it revolves on and on that the story just needs your cooperation to flip those pages and suspect those faces and 3) the story ends with a page number 62 putting the plot, investigation and of course the villain just as if a person had made the bits of glass of a china dish using a super glue!!!!!!!!.

The book worth a 7.99 pounds and presented in a comic style. Needless to say that the author had made hilarious pictures which shine as bright as a firefly in a tunnel!!!!!. I don't advise a special recommendation for this book but I offer one simple request that never ever turn the pages without reading just staring the pictures and when reading read consciously and give utmost concentration or the book is worth for nothing. I hope your mind has made up to read up this book and also other books and I hope toy will pick this book sooner to know more about the situation, the story, the characters and last but not the least THE CALCULUS AFFAIR!!!!!!!



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