Friday, 28 February 2014

The Enormous Crocodile

This story is written by the famous Roald Dahl. He is one of the famous writer in children’s literature. The story is about a crocodile who wanted to eat a children. He went alone to the town boasting to all the animals who he met on the road that he was going to the town to eat many juicy children. He met many animals like Elephant, Roly Poly, Monkeys and Hippopotamus. The animals taught that the crocodile was greedy and was cruel to the children. The crocodile tried many of his cruel tricks but he never achieved success in eating the children this was because of the Elephant, Roly Poly, Monkeys and hippopotamus who tried their level best to save the children But did the animals succeeded in their task or did the crocodile ate the children to find out this read this book. I recommend this book to all children under the age of thirteen.



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