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Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Kane Chronicles

The Serpent's Shadow

Author- Rick Riordan
Publishers- Puffin
Pages- 406
Cost- Rs 350
ISBN- 978-0-141-33570-4

The Kane Chronicles The Serpent's Shadow is the third and final book in the Kane Chronicles series written by Rick Riordan also known as the myth master. This book revolving around Egyptian mythology gives a perfect ending to this wonderful series. The protagonists of the book are Sadie and Carter Kane, Zia Rashid and Walt Stone.

The book is written in the same style, that is the recording of the Kanes. Even after awakening the greatest god Ra, Apophis, the giant snake of chaos is still causing great trouble going after the six copies of the scroll which would help a person defeat Apophis. As doomsday closes in, the pressure on the Kanes increases as the are asked to do something which no magician has ever achieved, defeat chaos himself. With the idea of defeating him they set out to find the only thing that can stop him, a shadow. And with Apophis' cunning mind, he divides the gods and makes it difficult for the Kanes to get their help. So how will they succeed? And the only ally they can find is a dangerous criminal who is the only person with the knowledge of how to defeat the snake. The simple language and the first person writing style takes us into ancient Egypt and gives us the adrenaline rush when danger looms over us. Read this amazing book and get a taste of Egyptian magic.

Nirupam V

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Author - Rick Riordan
Publishers- Puffin 
Pages- 470
Cost- Rs 350
ISBN- 978-0-141-33567-4

The Kane Chronicles The throne of Fire is the second book in the awe inspiring series The Kane Chronicles written by the myth master Rick Riordan. This series concentrates on Egyptian Mythology and it revolves around Carter and Sadie Kane who take turns in narrating the story as a recording.

This book continues the story of the gods and Kanes from the first book. It starts with the Kanes trying to find parts of the Book of Ra, the ancient book which can restore Ra, the pharaoh of the gods. Horus, the war god comes and tells Carter about Apophis, the giant snake of chaos who will rise in five days. The finding of the great book is written in a wonderful way and it is really interesting. This book also reveals the location of the true Zia Rashid, Carter's girlfriend. The rescuing of Zia, their adventures in the underworld and the final fight is all written in a way which does not leave us bored. The way in which they gamble with a god is also written in an awesome way. In short, this is a wonderful book in which the writing style is really simple and easy to understand.

Nirupam V

COMA by Robin Cook

I was shuffling through an old rack at my uncles place, searching for books to read during the holidays(eventhough the holidays were a week away),when I stumbled on this book.
Something about the four lettered title caught my attention. The cover was equally captivating . It showed an eye,the pupils were dilated,and you could catch a reflection in it. After reading the book I decifered that it must be the reflection of a surgeon doing a surgery .
The book said that it was a medical thriller...
Well it turned out to be a chiller.
Just  imagine ,the next  time you go for a small surgery- a ligament replacement or a appendectomy, you might never wake up from the anasthesia. You will be turned into a vegetable by the same people who have taken the oath to cure you,and your vital organs will be sold in a market at the highest price. The thought is chilling.
Those who think something like this as impossibe- I recommend you to read this book.

Abhishek P
27th March 2013

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Author- Scott O' Dell
Publishers- Sandpiper
Pages- 177
Cost- Rs 457
ISBN- 978-0-547-32861-4

Island of the Blue Dolphins is a wonderful story written by Scott O' Dell. According to the writer this is a real life story and it happened some two centuries ago or so.The protagonist of the story is a girl named Karana and a wolf Rontu.

The story is almost like Life of Pi where a person has to survive along with wild animals. Though it is a little different. Karana is a person who is living on an island known as the Island of Blue Dolphins. A group of people known as the Aleuts come to their island for hunting otters. After that a battle occurs where  the people of the island loses. In that battle most of the people of the village die and they are forced to suffer. The next chief of the island proposes to leave the island and they all agree But as they leave they forget Karana's brother and to save him Karana jumps out of the boat to find him. The boat goes away and Karana's brother gets killed by wolves. Karana plants to survive herself and to avenge her brother but she could not kill the leader of the pack.She takes care of the wolf and they become great friends. The next part of the story is full of wonderful instances of what the people of the island do. This is truly  touching book and I am sure all of you would love it. 

Nirupam V