Friday, 2 May 2014

Rocking Horse Winner

Story name-Rocking Horse Winner
Author-D.H Lawrence

This is a short story. This is the story of a family which included father, mother, a son and two daughters who were unsuccessful with their family life. They felt that they never had enough money for the social position which they had to keep up and all of them heard the house whispering “there must be more money” even though nobody discussed these problems with each other. Their son Paul was unable to withstand such feelings and asked his mother the reason for such poor economic background and she said that her husband was unlucky. Since she married an unlucky man the whole family went unlucky and thus she related money with luck. The boy grew a greed for being lucky and earning money and the story tells us the way in which Paul made money but the end is sad. I insist everyone to read this short story.



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