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Monday, 30 June 2014


Author- Roald Dahl
Publishers-Puffin Books
Pages- 216
Cost- Rs 350
ISBN- 978-0-141-32623-8

The BFG is a wonderful book written by the World's Greatest Storyteller Roald Dahl. As the name suggests, the story revolves around the BFG or the Big Friendly Giant along with his friend Sophie. 

Every night, if someone disappears, you can be sure there are Giants in our world as well. One night when Sophie wakes up in the middle of the night, she sees a big figure, who was blowing something into the kid's bedrooms. The big thing sees her, and suddenly grabs her and gallops away. After reaching in Giant country, the big figure introduces himself as the Big Friendly  Giant. He tells Sophie all about the other nine Giants with names like Bloodbottler, Bone cruncher and such. When Sophie come to know that the Giants are eating human beings, she decides along with the BFG to stop them. And dreams are powerful things. The book is illustrated by the wonderful illustrator Quentin Blake. With the simple English and amazing pictures this book is more interesting than ever. Also, with wonderful words like Snozzcumbers and such, the book is really interesting to read.Many people have  wrong assumption that the Books of Roald Dahl are for kids. But that is not so. Even elder people can read the books. So grab this book to get a taste of Roald Dahl's writing.

Nirupam V

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers

Boardwalk Bust

Author- Franklin W Dixon
Publishers- Aladdin Paperbacks
Pages- 176
Cost- Rs 150
ISBN- 978-1-4169-0004-7

Boardwalk Bust is the third great adventure of Frank and Joe Hardy as agents of ATAC ( American Teens Against Crime ), the book written by Franklin W Dixon. The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers is a new series featuring the Hardy Boys in which they have do solve the crimes secretly rather than with every one knowing.

The story starts with the young sleuths being buried alive in a heap of corn, due to their last case. After a case that scary, the boys look forward to a quiet holiday. But it seems that the word holiday does not fall in their lives. When a girl selling cookies delivers their next case, they know it's going to be interesting. Ocean Grove is a wonderful place for tourists. With a wonderful beach and a lot of things to enjoy, it would be a top priority. But when something big such as stealing of diamonds happen, one knows there is trouble there. So ATAC sends the Hardys to investigate. With 'auspicious' beginnings,  the story is awesome. There are many turning points in the plot which really fun when you read it. With suspect profiles, separate narrations by the brothers and first person narration, the book is great. So grab this book and enjoy!

Nirupam V

Adventures of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

It is the first book of The Adventures of Tintin.Tintin travels to the Soviet Union to gather news about the effects of Communism on the population and the economy. From the very moment he sets off, an agent of the Soviet secret service, the OGPU, tries to get rid of him.There he witnesses a local election, where the Bolsheviks aim their guns at the voters to ensure their votes.To know the full story you should read this.This book is perfectly packed with adventure and all Tintin fans will love this book.This book is written by the Belgian author Herge and it contains 141 pages.I recommend this book to all those who like adventure.


Monday, 23 June 2014

AJAYA: Epic of the KAURAVA Clan - book 1 Roll Of The Dice


The book Ajaya the roll of dice is about the Mahabharata. The world’s longest poem which has about 2,20,000 lines. Mahabharata is a story that we all have read and understood but Mahabharata was wrote from the view of the Pandavas but in this book the writer Anand Neelakantan has written the story from the view of the Kauravas. In the starting the malayalee author introduces himself and he writes about why he has chosen to write the book from the view of the Kauravas. He tells about a village and a temple in Poruvazhy village, Kerala which has none other than the most reviled villain of the Indian mythology Duryodhana. The book starts when the Governor General of Hastinapur Bhism comes to attack the city of Gandhara and Takes Gandhari and Shakuni to Hastinapur. After that the story begins when Kaurava Prince Suyodhana or Duryodhana is being chased by the Pandava Prince Bhima. This book only tells about what the Kauravas are doing but it is very interesting to read. The writer has used many hard words so I recommend this book to all children above thirteen years of age. This book really changed my colour I was a huge fan of the Pandavas, Arjun and Krishna but after reading this book I thought I was on the wrong side now I also like Suyodhana. I prefer using Suyodhana than Duryodhana because Duryodhana means ‘one who does not know how to use weapons or power’ because Suyodhana can fight bravely and he can fight with the mace as good as Bhima does. This book also tells the stories of Karna and Ekalavya. This book really touches the heart. The book ends when the Pandava Prince Yudhistara loses in the dice game and when Dushasana goes to bring Panchali or Draupadi who is in the Pandava city Indraprastha. I am so excited that the writer is going to release the next part of the book that is book number 2 in august this year. This book is published by Platinum Press and cost Rs 299 the cover page is done by Urvi Dutt Vashistha and layouts by Ajay Shah. I ask all my friends to read this fantastic piece of art and do please send me comments after reading this book.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Great Expectations

Author- Charles Dickens
Publishers- Oxford University Press
Cost- Rs 50
Pages- 127
ISBN- 019561011-3

Another one of the great Dickens Novels. Great Expectations is a typical Dickens book with touches of sadness as well as happiness. The entire story revolves around Pip, the protagonist. The other main characters in the story are Herbert, Provis, Joe, Miss Havinsham and Estella.

Pip is a boy who has lost both his parents and his five brothers. He lives with his sister and her husband Joe. On Christmas eve, he meets a poor prisoner and helps him. After a few years, a Lady named Havinsham wants Pip to play for her. When he goes there, Pip meets Estella, a beautiful but rude girl and later falls in love with her. After some time, Pip becomes Joe's apprentice as a blacksmith, but in his heart was a burning desire to become a gentleman. Then he is told that there is man who would make him a gentleman and Pip agrees. But what awaits him there? Read this book to find out. This book is narrated in first person. Although this is an abridged version, the story still has the effect. A movie was released in 2012. Read this book to get a taste o the Victorian period.

Nirupam V

Saturday, 21 June 2014



This is the story of a family who lived in Ayemenem,a village in Kottayam.This book takes us through the emotions and feelings of Ammu,a single mother and her twins,Estha and Rahel.This is a story in which I felt an unusual depth.Every single details are given in such a way that we would feel that all these are happening around or within ourselves.In my view this story is highly exceptional in every ways.I liked this book a lot and insist all readers club members to read this book.


Friday, 20 June 2014

The Man Who Died

Story name-The Man Who Died
Author-D.H Lawrence
Publishers-Rupa publications
The man who died  is a story that deals with the happening after Jesus Christ’s rising and his doings after returning to life.It is truly a painful experience for him.In this story Jesus is shown as a human being.Jesus falls in love with the  priestess of pagan goddess Isis and the story takes us to the love experiences of Jesus and  priestess of pagan goddess Isis.Jesus understands for the first time what"god is love" means.I truly enjoyed the book and insist all readers club members to read this nice book.


The Pianist in the shopping mall.

Story name-The Pianist in the shopping mall.
Author-Paulo Coelho

The pianist in the shopping mall is a story taken from Paulo Coelho’s"Like The Flowing River".Author and his violinist friend,Ursula while shopping in a mall happens to see a pianist.Then the short story accounts for the conversation between them and we can learn many wonderful lessons from this short story.I insist all readers club members to read this interesting story.



                                    Book name-The Alchemist
Author-Paulo Coelho

This is the story of a shepherd who had left his flock to follow a dream he had on two different occasions.He experienced many obstacles in the midway of his journey to his dream but he did’nt surrender and with every failure he grew more eager and enthusiastic to pursue his dream.This book has a life enhancing impact.This is truly an unforgettable story that highlights the importance of listening to our heart and following our dreams.I insist all readers club members to read this book.