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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Geore's Secret Key to the Universe

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Author- Lucy and Stephen Hawking

Publishers- Corgi Books

Pages- 297

Cost-  Rs 475

ISBN- 978-0-552-55958-4

George’s Secret Key to the Universe is the first book in the famous George Project. This is Lucy and Stephen Hawking's first book together. The story revolves around a boy named George and his next door neighbors, Annie and Eric.

George is an ordinary boy just like you and me with environment protectors as parents. But all that changes, when he meets his new neighbors. Since his pig Freddy ran away into their lawn,  George had no choice but to follow. Then he meets Annie, a girl of his age who exagerates everything. He meets Eric, a really intelligent scientist and Eric introduces Cosmos to George, the most powerful computer, who can even open portals to space. George then becomes a member of the Order of Scientific Enquiry for the good of Humanity, the second youngest member too. Due to Annie’s habit of exaggeration, George doesn’t believe her at first, which makes her take him for a journey into space. After that incident, they become friends. All this time Graham Reeper, George’s teacher shows a specific interest for Cosmos and the entire story takes a big turn. The book contains real photos from space which are extremely beautiful. Also this book contains information about the planets and other cosmic bodies which are really interesting. This book is a must for the lovers of the Cosmos and I am sure they would enjoy reading this book.

Nirupam V


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