Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Red Pyramid



The book Red Pyramid is the first book of the Kane chronicles.The protagonists of the story are Sadie Kane,Carter Kane and Julius Kane.The story starts when Sadie, Carter and their father Julius Kane go on an outing to the British museum.Julius Kane blows up the old Rosetta stone in the museum and unleashes the five Gods of Egypt including Set, the evil God of chaos. Set traps Julius with Osiris in a golden coffin. Sadie and Carter flee for their lives. They meet their uncle, Amos, and stays with him in the House of Life.Bast, the Goddess of Cats, protects the two children in their terrifying quest to save their father. During the quest they visit the first Nome where Iskander teaches them some magic. They become friends with Zia. Then, suddenly Iskander dies.Will the two be able to save their father? To know this you got to read this book.

It is a nice book and i loved reading it.It is written by the famous author Rick Riordan.This book is followed by The Throne of Fire.I recommend this book to all those who like mythology and adventure.It costs Rs 350 and i got this book from my classmate Nirupam. It is also one of the best-selling book ever.





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