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Friday, 22 August 2014



In a time when women were struggling to gain equality, Florentyna Rosnovski was born with the ultimate ambition  ; she wanted to be the President Of The United States. A woman , and the daughter of a polish immigrant- the odds were stacked against her. But she was born determined.
This sequel , to ‘Kane and Abel’ , takes us through the dramatic life of Florentyna. The first part of the story relives the moments of ‘Kane and Abel’ from her point of view. Her early life , the feud between her father and his sole enemy William Kane and her love story spans the first part.
The second and third parts take us through her political career. The master storyteller gives us a feeling of having lived and been in every election rally, every poll booth and every meeting of the Congress.
In the end , after reading ‘THE END’ .; when you start thinking about the story, you get the authors message- don’t let anything stop you, in life you may lose your near and dear, but never falter, move on to the next avenue.
Florentyna  is a really inspiring character. Her thirst to be the best is unquenchable. But does she really become the first POTUS. I WILL GIVE U ONE CLUE: ARCHER NEVER GOES AGAINST HISTORY.

Saturday, 2 August 2014



This is a malayalam book.This is the story of a small kid who once did a school drama and aspired to become an actor after that.He becomes one of the greatest stage actor as well as film actor.He is none other than the versatile actor of kerala,Bharat Murali.
                                                He has wonderfully described the tips of being a good actor.He says that there is a sort of intense satisfaction that we get after doing a drama which is truely inexpressible.It is a short book and can be read easily.After reading this book we can trace out his passion for acting.Dedication and hardwork matters in acting as in any fields.I truely loved this book.


The book 'I have a dream' consists the story of 20 social enterpreneurs who leads a successful as well as a satisfied life.Every story inspires us very much.This book gives us an important message that 'if we have an intense dream or passion and we are ready to go to any extent to fulfill it it is sure that it will be a reality whatever be the circumstances'.So the prime thing that we should have in our lives is the will power to dream and readiness to do hardwork.It is truely motivating and I request everyone to read this book.