Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Author- Dan Brown
Publishers- Double Day
Pages- 480
Cost- Rs 750
ISBN-  978-0-385-53785-8

Inferno is wonderful thriller written by the master of suspense, Dan Brown. This is the fourth book by him which features Robert Langdon as the protagonist. The other characters which make the plot more interesting are Sienna Brooks, the provost, Elizabeth Sinskey and the other agents.

The good thing about Dan Brown's novels are that one doesn't have to read the first book in order to understand the next book since each one of his novel has a more interesting and heart stopping plots. The main theme of the novel is over population and the book is written using inspiration from the world famous Dante's Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy is an epic poem in three parts. They are Inferno, Purgatario and Paradiso.

 Langdon finds himself in a hospital in the starting of the book. He meets Sienna Brooks, the doctor who took care of him. He is followed by an agent of the provost who is hell bent on killing him and extracting information out of him which would mean the end of the world. His memory is gone and the only thing he remembers is a grey haired lady telling him, "Seek and you shall find" and his and Sienna's knowledge about Dante. The book takes us to Florence, Venice, Istanbul and many more places of importance. Will they find what they seek? Or does it mean the end of the world? Read this book to find out!

This being my first reading of Dan Brown struck a chord in me with his wonderful style of writing. His depictions of ancient cultures, paintings and buildings are wonderful and spot on. Reading the book, we feel as if we are really in the place where the story is happening. In my opinion, this is a good book to start reading Dan Brown's writing.

Nirupam V


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