Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Boy Tales of Childhood

 Name of the author:      Roald Dahl
Number of pages:          176
Price of the book:          Rs 250
Publisher of the book:   Puffin Books

The book revolves around the author of the book that is Roald Dahl. This book is kind of an autobiography but it is very much different from other autobiographies like my experience with truth written by Mahatma Gandhi. The books tell us about the childhood life of the great British novelist Roald Dahl. The stories of Roald Dahl's childhood are very interesting like his kindergarten and his high schools.  The smaller schools include the sweet shops, the headmaster and the amazing mouse plot. He is sent to St.Peters for his higher education and he once had his nose clearly cut off from his face. The book is very interesting to read and I guarantee that all the Roald Dahl's fans would like the non-autobiography book of Roald Dahl- THE BOY TALES OF CHILDHOOD…



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