Tuesday, 18 November 2014




‘’When you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’’
The alchemist is a fable about following a dream.Dreams are not just meant for fantasizing but one who finds his/her destiny through the dream is the real champion. The alchemist is a book which is not only meant to be read but also to avail in your real life.Its a true inspiring fable..It’s not so intricacies but written in a straight and respectable manner.This book is an inspiration for anyone seeking their path in life.This is the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago of Andalusia,the protagonist of the story who likes to live his life with full liberty and happiness.He wishes to spend his life traveling all over the world with his sheeps[something whom he considers as a very important part of his life].The lad in this story is in search of a treasure  as desirable as any ever found.He has a strong belief that his satisfiacation in life is complete only when he unearths his treasure.Like the levanteer from the mediterranen sea,the protagonist of the novel is in a long run to reach his treasure.The reader feels as if the story is incessant sometimes.But it is mere.The role of alchemist in this book is really surprising.As the title of the book suggests the alchemist plays a very significant role in this story.The most enchanting part of the book arrives when Santiago crosses the Sahara desert and he meets his life partner.His long painful journey atlast yielded the treasure to him in a very surprising manner.So friends read and unravel the unexpected course  of the story and make your dreams come true……



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