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Monday, 29 December 2014


                   -  John Green

Every love story can’t have a 'happy ever after'... they have their 'hamartias', yet they are beautiful in their own ways. TFIOS is such a heartwarming yet heart-wrenching love story by John Green. The book is published by Penguin books and contains 316 pages exploding with humor and tragedy.  It’s the story of Hazel Graze Lancaster, a 16-year-old teenager with thyroid cancer and Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old amputee who had osteosarcoma .  The attitudes of both star-crossed teenagers were very different, with Hazel anything but terminal, like.. “I’m a grenade and at some point I’m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?” and Gus, all merry like. “I’m on a roller-coaster that only goes up, my friend.” Their bond thickens every minute, over their favourite books, movies and experiences with cancer. Slowly they fall in love, in Hazel’s words, “I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once.” And together, they make their own little infinity out of the numbered days.

I really loved the book and it’s undoubtedly one of my all time favorites. it’s really unique and exquisite. And here are some lines which really moved me-

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations”
“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities”
“Pain demands to be felt.”
“The world is not a wish granting factory”
And here are some particular ones which made me shed a hell lot of tears-
“What am I at war with? My cancer. And what is my cancer? My cancer is me. They’re made of me as surely as my brain and my heart are made of me. It is a civil war, Hazel Grace, with a predetermined winner.”
“But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful."
To have my heart broken by TFIOS was really a privilege, just like how Gus says, "Oh, I wouldn't mind Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to my heart broken by you."
Yup, the book will surely leave you in tears. But believe me, it’s worth it all.
Okay? Okay.
P.S. the last line (the okay thing) can only be understood by those who’ve read the book. So hurry! Grab the book soon!!


      - T.Anagha Sivadas

          X C


Tuesday, 23 December 2014


As the name suggests , it all started with a friend request. It had been ages since I read a love story and it was a welcome change. My best friend lend me the book , saying it was a good read , but i was skeptical about taking it , as I never really had a taste for love stories and thought that it would be waste of time. And for most of the time , I did find the book boring and dragging along until i reached the last 50 pages or so , when out of the blue came an unexpected twist (unexpected because i never thought that this storyline could have a twist). That got me wired up and I did not go to sleep until the last page was devoured.

Sudeep  tells us that love is not  perfect , as the people who are in love are not perfect . As he himself puts it
"Perfect couples do not exist . But there exists someone who is perfect for you."

It was a good read in the end ; one to take your mind off your troubles . It also emphasizes the sanctity of trust and honesty in a relationship without which love would just crumble like a house of cards. It tells us never to give up on a relationship and to always be ready to forgive people.


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Veronika Decides To Die

Title: Veronika Decides To Die
Author: Paulo Coelho
Number of pages: 190                                                                                                                        
Cost: 350
Since Paulo Coelho's "Alchemist" is an international bestseller, I thought of trying one of his other works. Most of his works are based on problems faced by people. The way he explains things really attracts people and that's why he is a bestseller. Most authors do not choose such themes. The protagonist of the story is Veronika whose life is at stake or she is leading a life between life and death. She is also accompanied by certain people when she gets admitted. Paulo Coelho has connected the story with fear and many other unpleasant emotions. I found few similarities between this book and some others books that I had read of the same kind. This is the second Caulo book that I read. He actually describes the feelings of a girl who is going to face death.  The story was not in the way I had imagined, it was little different. After completing one of Caulo's books, a very dissimilar feeling comes to our mind. This book, in other words talk about a different kind of life. I will recommend this book to all my schoolmates who haven't read any of his works yet. The author covers all the required content in 190 pages. Reading such books should not be considered a waste, because these make us learn some values. If I go on write, then the message from the book will get broken, so let me stop here. You, yourself should read the book inorder to know different aspects of life!!!!!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Catching Fire-The Second book of Hunger Games

Title:Catching Fire-The Second book of Hunger Games
Author:Suzanne Collins
Number of pages:391                                            
I didn't have any order while reading the "Hunger Games' series.I read 'Mockingjay' first,"The Hunger Games second and "Catching Fire",the second book at last.I was waiting to complete the hunger games series because I had heard many saying that reading this book is must.Many authors have acclaimed Suzanne Collins for bringing out such an amazing book.The book narrates the story of the confused protagonist,Katniss Everdeen.More than 100 million
 copies of this book has got sold,according to the Wikipedia.Since this book comes under my favourite genre,I loved and enjoyed the whole 391 pages.Even though I had read 5 other books of the same type,it captured me a lot.
It includes all kinds of catastrophe,entertainment and features.The author has written the continuation of the first book unlike other books,where there won't be any story,but the small content would have been outstretched.
For kids,391 pages may be a huge amount,but if they could develop interests,the 391 pages will get finished within a few days.This book did not reach my expectations,because 'The Hunger Games' was the topmost in my favourite
lists.Since I read 'The Hunger Games' and 'Mockingjay' first,I knew the whole story of 'Catching Fire'.I recommend this book to all the young adult fiction lovers.When I considered the positive side of this book,it was unbeatable.
This book had been on the top list for a lot of days.The characters are introduced in an incomparable way.The author does not break the suspense in either in "The Hunger Games "or in "Catching Fire".This is the reason for why one is
not able to put it down.The plot or the theme is very simple or uncomplicated.There is nothing to learn from the book.I can say that each and every teenager can enjoy this book atleast a bit."Don't see the ratings on the websites,because
these are just spoilers."This book was bought just a few months ago,so read this before anyone else does.Life will completely change once you start reading these kinds of fictions.Look at the beneficial side ,and enjoy reading books.
"A book is a dream that you hold in your hands".....

2 States The Story of My Marriage

Publishers: Rupa & co.
Published: October 8, 2009
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Adaptations: 2 States (2014)
Genre: Fiction
Language: English                                                                                 2 States the Story of My Marriage is another love story by Chetan Bhagat. Chetan has included lots of humorous incidents in the book. It is narrated in very simple language and can be understood by any age group. It is given in the cover page itself that it is Bhagat's own marriage story. It is also given in the author's note of the book that it is fictional, perhaps most part maybe fictional. But I felt it the other way because he has written in such a way that he has experienced each and every moment described in the book.
      Definitely, the hero's name is not Chetan, it is Krish Malhotra. And the heroin, of course the actual name of Bhagat's wife, Ananya Swaminathan. It is, as the name of book suggests, a story of a couple who is from two different states, who met at IIM Hyderabad and badly wants to marry each other. The book is all about getting their parents to like the life partner whom they chose. It is all about the difficulties they face to their task, and the problems of making their family membersto like each other.

       We get to know only Krish fully, as Krish is the narrator, and everything is seen from his perspective. But Krish wholly is a fantabulous character, I felt. He is a very lovable person, who wants to be a writer, but wants to get settled and wants to be considerably rich first and so goes after a bank employment. He cares a lot about his mother too. As for Ananya, a very brave and daring Tamil Brahmin girl, who is not at all like the rest of the members of her family, but a little over smart and over daring. She's very self-dependent too.
      Filled with humorous incidents, I felt it quite an interesting book. But I found that there is not much value that the book can provide. Definitely there is a big twist at the end ad at that point, it provides a remarkable value. The book is converted into a Bollywood movie with the same name, starred by Aliya Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor.

      I cannot say that I enjoyed thoroughly, but as an entertainment for the moment, it can definitely be suggested. Likes of people may vary, especially about this book, as my research for opinions about 2 States did not end in a smooth manner, just like my own opinion. I think I can suggest it to people who like love stories and also humours of real life.
                                                                                                                                -Gopika K

Angels & Demons

PAGES: 645
PUBLISHERS: Transworld Publishers
Author: Dan Brown

Angels & Demons is an awesome book written by Dan Brown. The main characters are Robert Langdon, Vittoria Vetra, Maximilian Kohler and Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca.
      A mind thrilling book it is. I was afraid, at first that it might end up as a disaster of a book as my father (who haven't read it until now) said that this book was not that much a hit. But now I know that experience is the real teacher. It is a story which is describing what happened in a few hours.
    It cannot be called as a complete fiction, but rather as a fact-fiction. The story is made up but the places and facts that we get to know about in this book are innumerable. I came to know about a lot of places in Rome. I did not know Vatican City is the smallest country in the world (I did not even know that it is a country). Brown has also explained about anti-matter. "Wow". That is what I felt about when I read about it.
  Angels & Demons narrates the rise of Illuminati brotherhood, a satanic cult, believed to be deceased long ago. These are all mind blowing. The four alters of science, Vittoria and Langdon tracking it down, and all these happening in a few hours, it was fantabulous. And the climax is something which cannot be explained, it must be experienced, and I have had chills. It is an actual war between science and religion. I'm no more being a secret revealing nuisance. Dan Brown has swept my mind. He has got this style of making us comfortable by keeping the main character's mind suit with ours. I recommend it to all science loving, art loving, mystery loving, curious friends. There is also a whole bunch of vocabulary inside, you just need to turn the pages. I hope everyone will have a thrilling time reading it.
     (The Illuminati brotherhood is a fact, it existed, but the story is fiction. (Facts page in the book.))

                                                                      - Gopika. K
  IX-A                                                                      S4040

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Zeus and The Rise of The Olympians is a mythology related book of Greece. The main characters of the book are Zeus,Ouranus,Cronus,Rhea,Gaea and Lady Demiarties.Zeus gained power and position by waging a terrible war that threatened to destroy the entire world.And his opponent was none other than his own father, Cronus.The narrator of the story is Lady Demiarties.This book is the tale of the origin of the Olympians and the legend of the Storm Land.To know more about the story you have to read this book.It is a nice book and by reading it you will gain some knowledge on the different gods of Greece and their origin.It costs Rs 195 and its worth reading.I hope all my friends will read and enjoy this book.


CONQUERING EVEREST: The Lives of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

CONQUERING EVEREST: The Lives of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
As you can make out from the title that the book deals with the lives of the conquerors of the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. This book takes you to both their childhood days when both of them wanted to do something adventurous. And Everest was the ultimate adventure. Dangerous and Challenging, Everest had never been successfully climbed and many had died trying it. They were the first to conquer the world's highest peak. It is their courage, endurance, will power, determination and team work that helped them to achieve this. To know how they conquered the world's greatest challenge. It is a nice book and it is a graphic novel. I hope all my friends will read and enjoy this awesome book.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

-          Chetan Bhagat


The most awaited book by CB. Published by Rupa Publications India. It has 260 pages. I was excited from the moment I finally got hold of this book. I was really curious. What’s this “half girlfriend” business? Since when did these “half relationships” begin?

This is the tale of a Bihari boy called Madhav Jha and a rich girl, Riya Somani. Both gets into St. Stephens by sports quota, they were both basketball players. Madhav being a state player gets into this pompous college despite his crappy English. To top it all, Riya’s chosen English as her subject and is from a wealthy family. Like all love stories, the boy falls in love with the girl. Though she likes him, Riya’s not ready to go beyond friendship. Finally she agrees to be his half girlfriend.

“Half isn’t bad. Depends on how you look at it. Half-empty or half-bad.”

The plot itself is very interesting and this time CB takes us on a journey full of twists and turns. Even Bill Gates himself has a role this time! Well, at the end will he be promoted to “a full boyfriend” from a “half boyfriend” or will this guy screw things up? Will he get this girl after all? The answers to all these questions lay within these pages. So hurry up, grab it soon before the excitement wears away!

P.S. Recommended to all CB lovers.

-T.Anagha Sivadas

Totto Chan

The Little Girl at the Window
Totto Chan is an extraordinary book written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a Japanese television personality and UNICEF goodwill ambassador. It is published by Kodansha International, Japan. It consists of 230 enthralling pages.  In this book she describes her childhood days during World War II at a very novel kind of a school named Tomoe Gakuen. The school is really unique with Sosaku Kobayashi as its headmaster. The educator adopts different and innovative methods in this school. Lots of fun games and activities are organized to make school an exciting place. The school has successfully bagged a place in my list of favourite schools, after Hogwarts.

Totto Chan is a very naughty girl who got expelled from her first school. She then joins this school where she’s fascinated to the core- railroad classrooms, swimming sessions, walks after studies and lots of other fun stuff! She mingles with her surroundings soon. Another character I liked the most is Yasuaki Chan, a boy having polio. There are also other handicapped children who also study along with the other children, thus eliminating the differences between them. There are many funny anecdotes along with very touching ones. Some of the ones I loved were the bravery test, the cesspool incident and how Totto Chan tries to make Yasuaki Chan climb her tree.

I really loved this book. I would like to recommend this to all students, starting from class VI. Hope you too will love Tomoe and Totto Chan just the way I did!

T.Anagha Sivadas

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 312
Cost: rupees 233
ISBN:  978-0747569015
Illustration: Chris Riddell

The Graveyard Book is a spectacular novel by Neil Gaiman. The main characters are Nobody Owens, Mr. Owens, Mrs. Owens, Silas and Jack Frost. Everyone thinks it’s a ghost story, well actually it is a ghost story, but it cannot be included as the type of ghost-horror story. It’s full of ghosts, except Nobody Owens, Jack Frost and Silas. Silas is a half dead soul, stuck between the world of dead and the living. Nobody looks like nobody but himself, so Silas the keeper of the Graveyard, which is home for Nobody, fondly called Bod, named him Nobody. Bod is discovered by Mrs. Owens, a spirit of the Graveyard, when he was a year old and was entering the graveyard. His parents were murdered. Bod, raised by Mr. and Mrs. Owens, the spirits, undergoes innumerable adventures during his years at graveyard. He is taught many magical things by Silas, his guardian and many others. He even has the capacity to haunt people! Bod learns a lot of good values from his home, the Graveyard. Jack Frost form the Jacks of all Trades is the ultimate villain, who reaches to him for a reason, which is….Only discoverable if you read it.

I recommend it to all but I fear, if you have read Harry Potter, you will find a lot of similarities in the end. The whole concept of climax, I felt, is a lot similar to that of Harry’s life. Gaiman and Rowling may have a mindset alike. But a lot interesting it is, till the end but there is an abrupt conclusion. The magical actions of Haunting, Dream walking and Fading are awesome. 

It was Silas who I liked the most in this book than Bod. He is a very understanding character, always supportive, and who only stands up for good deeds. But Silas’ condition is worse, as I mentioned before, between the world of dead and living… Bod devoured him too… always felt safe when he was around… Anyway I’m no more revealing the secrets that lie within The Graveyard Book. I recommend this book to the ones who love adventures, magic and mysteries.
                                                                                  -Gopika K