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Monday, 9 February 2015

The folks tales with values from Our land

On 8|7|14 I took a book from  the library. It was The folks tales with values from Our land.I read all the stories but two of them were interesting ,they were Astrologer's luck, and sharing the  property. In Astrologer's luck, there lived a poor man, who although named Harisman. His nick name was Manduka (frog). He was a lazy  boy ,but he had braveness in his mind. Sometimes he say something that become true.Suddenly he was known as a popular Astrologer of the kingdom.The message I got from this is "Fortune favours the brave". 

In Sharing the property , there lived a man  in the northern India  he was a milk man,he had two sons, the elder  one was cunning. The younger  one was simpleton.When their father died they divided  themselves. There was only a  buffalo  and a costly blanket. The front  portion of  the  buffalo was given to  the  younger one and the back portion  was given to the elder one. During day time the younger one would use the blanket, during night elder one would  take it, but suffering all these  things the younger one can't tolerate. Then he went to Govardhan, he told that his elder brother was cheating him.He did as the pandit told him. By realising all these cheating he  did, the elder one with him. The lesson I got is "Don't cheat Others it will Back fire.

Deepika Pradeep

Forge Your Future - Class IX D Donation to School Library

As part of the SCIENCE MONTH CELEBRATIONS, class IX D decided to present a book to the school library. We were thinking about donating a book by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the eminent Indian scientist and former President of India. The book "Forge Your Future" was suggested by our librarian sir when we told him about the idea of donating a book to the school library as part of the special programme. 
This could not have been possible without our beloved class teacher, Mrs. S.Santha. One of the students took the initiative of purchasing the book and the others contributed some amount.
We hope that all the students will be motivated to read this by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. May this book find a precious place in your hearts.

Class IX D

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Pimple Party: a lovely poem by Anagha Shivdas, Class X

The poem Pimple Party written by Ku. Anagha Shivdas, Class X published in Children's World magazine January 2015.

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Kingfisher Football Encyclopedia

I consider it as a useful book as well as the book is interesting. I was only disappointed at one thing- the book contained the profiles of almost all great footballers but not my favorite's. The book also includes tactics in the form of pictures which helps us in understanding it. The book has many points to learn. Hats off for Kingfisher publishing for gifting such a great book.

Bharath Harikumar


The Invisible man is a science fiction novel written by H.G.Wells.The protagonist of the story is Jack Griffin,The Invisible Man.The other characters of the story are Dr.Kemp(a former acquaintance of Griffin),Mr&Mrs Hall,Marvel(the tramp),Col.Adye.The story starts with the arrival of the invisible man to the Coach and Horses Inn.During his stay people gets suspicious about him.And while the story progresses you get to know how the invisible man misused his power.If he were good at his mind he would have been a well known scientist rather than a criminal.To know how the people of Port Burdock got rid of the invisible man you have to read the book.
According to me it is a wonderful book and you will find it getting interesting page by page.I hope all of you who haven't read this book will surely read this book.ENJOY READING!!!


Grandma's Bag of Stories

I was confused by which book I should take. Then my friend saw the book "Grandma's Bag of Stories" by Sudha Murty. She suggested me to read that book.

It was written by Sudha Murthy. These stories was told by her grandmother. She made some changes when she wrote the stories in this book, but mostly it is a true reflection of her childhood. She had written the author's note from Bangalore. There are 22 astories and 166 pages.

I liked the storty Roopa's Great Escape". The characters are Aji, Ajja, Raghu, Meenu and Krishna, Vishnu Kak There are seven marvellous children who will listen every day to Ajji's stories.
It is published by Penguin books. It is illustrated by Priya Kuriyan. I think all of you should read this book.

Krishnapriya K, VI A