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Monday, 6 July 2015

Scenes from a writer's life

Book name-Scenes from a writer's life
Author-Ruskin Bond
Ruskin Bond,the author of this book is of British origin who lived in India in and around the time of independence.He has wonderfully described India towards which he has a great affinity.Even while staying in Britan he feels a call of India to go back.I felt that his circumstances had played a crucial role in shaping the writer in him.His style of writing is truly lovable and moving.Although his earlier life was full of adversities,later on the life he led was full of simplicity and reverence.I truly loved the angle in which he takes his life forward.I truly felt a respect towards Ruskin Bond as a writer.I insist all of you to read this book..

Sreeparvathy S


Book name-Maniratnam
Author-Bharadwaj Rangan

This is the biography of Maniratnam,one of the greatest directors India has seen.This book is a combination of questions(Bharadwaj Rangan's) with responses(Maniratnam's) in the chronological order of his films.

Anybody who has interest in the art of film making and curious to know the director's point of view in films would find this book really informative.His path breaking films like Mounaraagam,Iruvar,Bombay,Roja all has been described in great detail.After reading this book,Ifelt that Maniratnam is a director who is really concerned even about the minute aspects of film making. I really loved this book.