Monday, 31 July 2017

Middle School : I Funny

Author              :   James Patterson
Acc. No            :   G2454
No. of Pages    :   330

This is yet another hilarious book from the ' Middle School ' book series , written by the awesome James Patterson. As its title says, the story contains so many jokes and it is very funny. Its is similar to the ' Diary of a Wimpy Kid ' book series but even funnier and has good illustrations. This is the funniest story I've ever read until now. 
The story comprises of a funny kid who loves to tell jokes competing for the ' Planet's Funniest Kid Comic ' held in New York. It tells about his funny and tragic incidents he had to face during his lifetime.
I couldn't just stop laughing when I started reading the book.I just wished the story would go on endlessly but if it did, I would've died of laughing so hard. The skills of the author is just simply mind-blowing. I couldn't believe a human being could write such a wonderful and funny story. I wish I could see James Patterson in person so that I can convey my gratitude and also tell him that I am a big fan of him !
I look forward to read the next book from this series, which I am sure is way lot funnier than this book. I hope everyone would read and like this book as it is simply awesome that I wished I was one of the protagonist's friend so that I could enjoy his jokes in real time.

Akul Rajeev


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