The famous story David Copperfield was written by Charles Dickens who was one of the talented  and excellent writer of children's fiction.The story David Copperfield says the real story of its author Charles Dickens.

The story opens with the birth of David,who tells the story from the beginning to the end.The main characters in this story are Pegoatty"the housemaid of David",Miss Dora"the wife of David",Emily"the friend of Davy",Mr Steer forth,Mr Micawber etc.

This is the story of a boy named David Copperfield .His father was dead and his mother married a cruel man Mr Murdstone who enters into David's life with his cruel ideas to separate David and his mother.David was admitted in boarding school by his stepfather and he was struggling to live their but he got so many new friends there who were very helpful to him.He got help from a women named Miss Trotwood in studies and to get job.The story goes on telling about David's married life and he gradually came to a good position ,later he visits his home again.This is a story of a self made boy and his positive attitude towards life.this story will boost your self confidence so all should read it.

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