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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Twits

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              I took this book because of only one thing , it is none another than Roald Dahl (Author of this book) is the author of the book named "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" . But I didn't read this book till now . I only saw the film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . If I get the book anytime I will read it .
          Roald Dahl's book's peculiar thing is that , there will be many poems in between the story . I like this story well . It is illustrated by Quentin Blake . First published by Jonathan Cape Ltd in 1980 . Made and printed by Clays Ltd . Roald Dahl is born on 13th September 1916 . A CIP catalogue record is available from the British Library . 
          It is a book of a cruel and ugly couple treating their monkeys and treating the birds by killing many of them for their Bird Pie supper . At last when the time has come for the monkeys and birds they paid back a huge punishment for them . If anybody get this book don't forget to read the story and his Bio Data , etc ...

                                                                                                              DONE  BY ......
                                                                                                                      Sanjo Prakash C
                                                                                                                       VIII -D


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