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Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Magic Watering Can and other stories

By: Enid Blyton

Wow! What a book? It is not a classic and all, not even a nove. But still I had fun reading it.
The book is all about gnomes, fairies , pixies and magic. Actually the book's title should have been "Magic! Magic!" I loved the book. I like policeman Billy best. That story is about a boy who likes to dress up and when he is given a policeman's uniform for his birthday he start getting involved in real crime like a real policeman. But I am not going to spoil the climax 
So if you want to know the ending, go and get it from the library.

Megha Sreekumar


                           WORLD OF COLOUR

                                                  Publised by- CHILD CRAFT

'WORLD OF COLOUR' is about a 75 tales of colours with numerous pictures of wonderful shades and illustrated beautifully.It is  squeal of EXPLORING THE PAST.There is a quote in the library' BOOKS FALL OPEN YOU FALL IN 'that is what it happened to me with this book also.It is all about colours  , inventions of new colours , colours in nature and features of different colours.It created a sense of colours in the minds of young readers.The most exciting part which I felt marvelous was an African folktale 'Mulungu paints the birds'and the magic of rainbow colours.

The African folktale is all about Mulungu who suggested that the world should be colourful started to paint the birds and all except the dove remains white as an  African bird Che Mlanda had overtaken the chance of dove and wanted to be painted with all primary colours. So it grew into a dark brown shade around the body of Che Mlanda.

In the rainbow section it was the Violet which I liked the most.Violet is the favorite colour of Napoleon - french emperor and the colour of knowledge.Anyway it was wonderful to read.







Feluda mysteries beware in the graveyard is the latest Feluda comic written by the author Satyajit Ray. The main charaters of this book are Feluda (Pradosh Mitter), Topshe( Tapesh Mitter) and Jatayu ( Lalmohan Ganguli). The book starts off with Feluda going to a graveyard and finding one grave dug out. And also he hears that a person named Narendranth Biswas gets injured in the grave. And when he starts investigating he finds out some clues which may help him but he couldn't make a head or tail out of it. This book is really simple to understand and the cover page itself makes it seem it has a mystery. I hope even you all would love to read this book.

Nirupam V



Feluda mysteries A Killer in Kathmandu is a detective comic written by the nationally renowned author Satyajit Ray. The main charaters of this book are Feluda, Topshe and Jatayu. In this book Feluda's client gets murdered and another client claims that he has a double who is causing  a great heap of trouble for him. With all these mysteries the investigating team goes to Kathamandu where they find themselves in the middle of another mystery and also have an encounter with Feluda's greatest enemy. The book is written in simple language. I would suggest this book for the students of sixth standard.

Nirupam V



Famous five Five go to Mystery Moor is the thirteenth book in the Famous Five series written by the great author Enid Blyton. The main characters of this book are Julian, Dick, George, Anne and the dog Timmy. In this book they makes some two new friends Sniffer and Henry who is just like George who wishes to be a boy. The book starts with Anne and George staying in a farm in the holidays and they get a letter saying that the boys are coming there. There they meet Sniffer who is the son of a traveler. And Mrs Johnson recieves a letter saying that some new children are going to come there, the five decide to go and camp somewhere else and the mystery starts from there. This book has 21 sections. This book is really interesting and one would be eager to know what happens next. I liked this book much better than the other Famous five books as with this book I completed my Famous Five collection and also as the mystery is much more interesting than the others.




Feluda  mysteries a bagful of mysteries is a comic written by Satyajit Ray. This is the fifth book in the series. The main characters of this book are Feluda , Topshe and Jatayu. In this book Feluda's client is one Mr. Dinananth Lahiri who has lost a travel bag which has an important manuscript in it. But when Feluda Starts investigating the mysteryit gets over in just a day but the mystery continues when he was suddenly attacked for the travel bag. The book is really thrilling and in simple to understand. I would suggest this book for the students of sixth standard.

Nirupam V



Dusk Society is a Graphic Novel written by the authors Sidney Williams and Mark Jones. The main characters of the book are Ishita, Barbara, Ronnie, Nick, Pierceblood and Miss Raven. The story is narrated by Miss Raven. The story starts with Ishita, Barbara, Ronnie and Nick getting detention because of Miss Raven. These four get selected as the members of the Dusk Society. The Dusk Society is a secret society that was formed after World War I to counter the dark forces. These four children are given a mission that they would have to take down the Dusk Society's greates enemy Pierceblood and his team of monsters. And in the process two of them get kidnapped. This book is really simple to understand as it is explained with pictures and as the dialogues are in speech bubbles. I hope even you would enjoy reading the book.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

AUTHOR : Roald Dahl

PUBLISHED IN : USA ( 1964  )

ILLUSTRATED : Quentin Blake

          It's a super book . I enjoyed it very well . It's author is Roald Dahl . He had also written many other books . He is one of my favorite author . He was born on 13th September 1916 . He also made new words and gave this strange language an even stranger name - Gobblefunk . He has sisters named Astri , Alfhid , Else , Asta . His father is Harald and mother Sofie .
          First published in USA in 1964 . Illustated by Quentin Blake . He was born on 16th December 1932 . His first drawing was published when he was sixteen , and he has written and illustrated many of his own books , as well as Roald Dahl's . Roald Dahl wrote his books in a brick hut , which was built especially for him , on the edge of the orchard at Gipsy House .
          The original Charlie and the story was called Charie's Chocolate Boy . Even the visit to the chocolate factory wasn't very special - ther was one every Saturday . Roald Dahl rewrote it completely when his nephew said that she didn't like it at all . Try to read it , it's a wonderful book by Roald Dahl .

                                                                         DONE  BY . . .
                                                                      Sanjo Prakash C
                                                                      VIII - D

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


title-Fantastic mr. fox
author-Roald Dahl
publisher-Penguin books

The story begins about the three farmers who are Mr.Boogis,Mr bean and MR. Bunce,they owned their own farm.They were rich but nasty men.Boogis was a chicken farmer,Bunce was a duck and goose farmer and Bean was a turkey and apple farmer."Due to the tyrannical nature of the three local farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean (one fat, one short, one lean), Mr Fox finds himself unable to steal enough chickens or geese to support his wife and their three young fox cubs. Other animals in the area are similarly affected, including Badger, Mrs Badger and their three baby badgers and the Mole and Rabbit families. Just as they are all sure to die of starvation, the ingenious Mr Fox hatches a remarkable plan that will not only get them food, but sort out those horrible farmers for good and all they have to do is start digging..." "Mr. Fox came into the three farmers' farms and stole their chickens and geese on a daily basis. He took it to his home and fed his wife and three cubs. But soon, problems arose. The food was starting to run short everyday. The food that was brought everyday wasn't enough to satisfy everyone's hunger. Other families and individual animals were facing similar problems. To add to their problems, the three farmers were getting more determined to get rid of Mr. Fox and all the other troublemakers. 

Soon, Boggis, Bunce and Bean decided that they had to take action. They planned a number of things to trap and kill Mr. Fox. They tried day and night to trap Mr. Fox, but the cunning genius managed to escape each time. Then, the three farmers came up with their best plan yet; they decided to dig into his home. So they brought their machines and started digging in through the ground. Mr. Fox, the smartest fox in the area, was now trapped along with his family and a lot of other animals.  Mr. Fox took a while to think of a solution to the problem he was now in, and then he hatched a brilliant plan. He realized that they could dig faster than the farmers could dig. So, he and his family started digging. They faced problems like hunger, but they kept on going. Soon, the family had to stop. Mr. Fox met up with a few of his other animal friends including Badger, Mrs. Badger, three baby badgers, Mole, and Rabbit families. They dug together. It was then that they hit a treasure paradise beyond their most magnificent dreams. The underground team had hit what to them was a fantasy. They had hit the place where all of Boggis', Bunce's and Bean's work lay. All the food and products that were grown on the farm lay here. Mr. Fox and his crew along with their families found their key to survival. They had found food. They also managed to escape from the clutches of the three horrible farmers; Boggis, Bunce, and Bean.This is a fantastic story like its name.I hope everybody will read and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!



By Louisa May Alcott

'LITTLE WOMEN' is all about a story of four sisters of the March's family. Meg, Jo,Beth, Amy are the four sisters along with Laurie their neighbour, Mr.Brook (John) his professor and Mr. Bhear, Jo's professor.It was very nice to read-a family story based on real life.Sometimes I felt sad and sometimes happy.

Meg who dreamed to be the richest in the world married Mr.Brook.Jo who was an excellent writer who look after two children in relative's house met Mr. Bhear there and married him.Beth who was a tremendous musician suffered from scarlet fever and died.Amy who was excellent at drawing and painting married Laurie though everyone thought that Jo would marry Laurie because they were best of friends.

I liked Amy the most as I was also interested in drawing and painting. However I felt sorry for Beth and also happy for the three sisters who chose best of their choice. It was published by Dhingra Publishing House and it was illustrated beautifully. If you find that book in the library please do read it as it will help to control all our emotions.

Meg felt sorry for her dreams so as Jo who had no control in her temper and also for Beth who learnt to spoke and Amy who controlled herself. However I improved that, if I have. I hope you will do the same.






The most exciting book I read was 'THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER'written by mark twain.It is a sequel of Huckleberry Finn.The book contain full of adventures as it had many vocational trips. It is illustrated in a beautiful manner by INNER PAGES.The main characters were tom followed by Huck, Becky, Joe Harper and aunt Polly.

Tom is a tremendous guy who likes adventures and was idle in going to school so was Huck and Joe Harper.Becky was his partner and Polly was his aunt.One day he met Becky in the street and fall in love with her.Then after some days he went for a trip to Jackson's island along with Huck and Joe and everyone thought he  and his friends was dead.Their funeral was on Sunday and Tom along with his friends arrived there when the speech had concluded. They became heroes there.Then in the midnight Tom escaped from aunt Polly's house and went to the forest along with Huck.There they saw Injun Joe a criminal killing Dr.Robinson and claimed that Doctors' best friend Porter had done that.After some days the truth was revealed and that very moment Injun Joe had escaped from the court.They went behind him and found that there was a treasure hidden by Injun Joe and his friends.Then Tom and Huck set out for another adventure were they found the treasure and when they came back they found that Mrs.Douglars was adopting Huck as their child.They told about the treasure and Becky's father along with Tom went for clues as if he didn't believe it.They went to the caves and saw that Injun Joe was dead.Tom filled with joy and buried the carcass in front of the cave and led a peaceful life





This book is written by the british author - Roald dahl.It is illustrated by Quentin blake.Roald dahl is one my favourite author.He is the No-1 storyteller in the world.The characters of this book are - A Boy,his grandmother,the high grand witch,Bruno Jenkins,Mr.stringer and Mr&Mrs Jenkins.The characters are introduced in the first page.In the last pages there is information about Roald dahl.It is published by Puffin books.It is also said that it is the story that was recited to Roald dahl by his mother.This story is divided into 22 chapters and it is a nice story.I hope all my friends will read this book.

                                                                                                                                                S 3774

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


                                                                                                                                                                            This is a quiz book with questions on various branches of science like-chemistry,physics,biology,animals,solar system,the universe.Each branch contain questions about 150+ questions.This whole book contain about 1750 questions.This book includes all the latest developments in the branches of science.This book helps the students those who are preparing for quiz competions.
It is published by H&C Publishing house.It was first published in march 2004.It is written by N.Lashin.It has got a nice cover page drawn by Ramesh warrier.It costs Rs 10 and it's worth reading.I hope all my friends will read this book and improve their knowledge in various branches of science.

                                                                                                                                                S 3774

Monday, 25 February 2013


BOOK NAME-folklore of rajasthan
PUBLISHER-national book trust India.

Rajasthan is a mosaic of many social patterns knit together but at the same time preserving their local colours.This comprehensive book on the folklore of this colourful state  covers not only its mythology,religion,superstitions,fair, and festivals but also its written and oral literature.Rajasthan is full of tribes as deserts made it difficult for people to stay for long at one place.This nomadic thrust created a wanderlust and growth of a culture and a superb folklore which is full of god and goddessess and local deities.Some of the ballads,couplets,sayings and folktales have also found a place in this book.There is also a section on some of the popular sayings,folktales and folksongs.This book may help you  get some knowledge about Rajasthan.I like this book because this book can be understood by everyone.In this book the thing which i liked the most is about their fair and festivals.So please read this book and enrich your knowledge about Rajasthan............


Wild Child

This is a book written by Paro Anand. This is for the first time I am reading a book written by an Indian author.
This is stories about children who behaved like a rebel. While reading this book, there was a smile on my face because some of the characters match with my classmates. It is a wonderful, short and nice story.

By Abhirami M

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Kid Who Became President

The Kid Who Became President

Title: The Kid Who Became President

Price: $ 6.99

Publisher:  Scholastic

I.S.B.N:  978-0-545-44-214-5

Author:  Dan Gutman

Pages:   215

Edition: June 2012

The book- The kid who became president is an adventurous book written by Dan Gutman. The author Dan Gutman is an American who had made many works for the youth such as The homework machine, The my weird school series etc. The characters of this book are Judson Moon, Lane, Agent Doe, Chelsa etc. This is the book sequel to The kid who ran for president. The story is all about the adventures of a boy who became president and in every incident of the book there is s childish way. At last, Moon resigns as president and makes Syers as the president. The main character of the book is Judson Moon, who is studying  in 7th grade and knows nothing about the democracy or the duties of the president becomes the president and the experiences are recorded in the book. I liked Moon the most because his foolish decisions made me read foreword. The book costs $ 6.99 and it is published by scholastic Inc. In my opinion the  book is readable to  the students of 4th grade to 7th grade and it has a very simple language. I liked the book very much because it is presented in a nice way that we feel it is written by the main character- Judson Moon. I hope you will also read this book and I'm eager to know how Judson became president by reading the kid who ran for president very soon.

Famous Five : Five have a wonderful time

Acc. No : 8229

This book is very enjoyable one. This is the series 11 of famous five. This book has 23 chapters and 250 pages. This book  is  published by Hodder  children’s book .This  book  cost Rs 85 only. In this  book all the  five  have  wonderful  time. The children who  likes  adventure  stories will love  these  type  of  books. There are   so   many chapters  like surprise, interesting  day, adventure , excitement  etc..

This   time   they  have  so  many  things  to do . Actually, it  was the  holiday.  All   the  five  comes  together  and  start  to do some  adventures . At the  middle  their  caravan  would  be  lost and there  would  be  a  great  surprise. Then after  that  all they  would eat and so on. Then  they  would  have  some secret  ways.  Then as in all books at  last they would have a wonderful time.

I like this book very much but it is not as marvelous as five on a caravan!

By : Sneha. T.S

Card  number:s3937

Salt & Sawdust: Stories & Table Talk

Author: R. K. Narayan
Pages: 221
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Acc. No. : 7413

An amazing collection of short stories and essays. This book is truly a delightful and delicious feast for all the readers, by R. K. Narayan. This book is also filled with humour which made me more addicted towards it. The cover illustration, matching to the story ‘Salt and Sawdust’, is made by the author’s own brother- R. K. Laxman.

 This book is divided into three sections mainly. The first two are short stories – ‘Salt & Sawdust’ and ‘Guru’. The other part is called ‘Table Talk’ which is a new form of writing by R. K. Narayan. This is a collection of his own lived experiences. My favourite story among these is of course the title story itself which narrates about a childless couple Veena and Swami. The wife who cannot tell the difference between salt and sawdust, leaves the husband to cook. Veena writes a novel which was strange lovestory of a  dentist and a poor jawed,toothless girl. The girl had dental problems and was not at all beautiful, but because of the dentist, she becomes really beautiful and they fall in love. The novel came out really well which impressed the publishers also. But due to some financial problems, they had to turn it into a cookery book! Swami told her about the finest dishes and their recipes, while Veena gave them life with her words. The book was aptly named ‘Appetizer’.The results were awesome. The couple became really famous. They received invitations from various organisations to lecture and demonstrate. Their life was completely changed.

This book is really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It helped me to get one of my favourite authors. The rest is left to you. You can have a wonderful time reading this book, just the way I did. I hope you’ll take my advice.

T.Anagha Sivadas

Saturday, 23 February 2013



Brisingr is the third book by Christopher Paolini in the inheritance cycle. The main characters of this book are Eragon, Saphira, Oromis , Glaedr, Arya, and many more. This book stats with Eragon and his brother Roran   going to save Katrina from the hands of the Ra'zacs . In this book Eragon and Saphira return to the Varden, A new dwarf king is elected, they go back to Ellesmera , they get a new sword and many of the truths about Eragon's family are told By their teachers Oromis and Glaedr This book has an abrupt ending but the author has promised to continue the story and conclude it in the fourth book which is Inheritance. I hope you all would also love reading this book as much as I did .

Nirupam V

Friday, 22 February 2013


This is about a child named Andrew and his brother Tyler who will go to a fright camp of their favourite movie maker, the scariest man on Earth.
This is such a kind of suspense that the director was taking film out of them without letting them know. At last Andrew and Tyler are the heroes of the next film of their favourite man. But they got very angry. We will never think that he is making a film out of the poor children.
This is not much scary but little. I think R L Stine is a big hero of ‘Goosebumps’.
This is the 8th part of the 2000 series in Goosebumps. Friends don’t go to fright camp and all it will be scary.............
J Afreen Zaibu


This story is about a child named Duane who will find a real ghost in the hill house.
In this book a child will fool them by pretending to be the headless ghost and at last they will find a real ghost. In this story it is said that a captain’s ghost killed a small boy, cut off his head and place it somewhere that the boy will not find. Now the boy is searching for his head. And when the boy was scaring Duane and his friend, he found the real head of the ghost.
I am also very eager to see a real ghost.....Some of my friend told that by playing ojo board we can see a real ghost!........
I think this is one of a very interesting story of R L Stine.
I hope you will read this book. Thank you...............
                                                                                                   J Afreen Zaibu 
                                                                                                             VI B

Life of Pi

Life of Pi

Author : Yann Martel 

Publisher : Penguin Books

Cost : Rs 295  

Pages : 320 

‘Life of Pi’ is an amazing masterpiece of the novelist Yann Martel.  This is a story of a boy from Pondicherry, named Piscine Molitor Patel, commonly known as Pi Patel. His father owned a zoo in Pondicherry.  He and his family members migrated from there to Canada. I their journey between Pacific Ocean, their ship wrecked and the only survivors were Pi, a hyena, a zebra, an orang utan and a 450 pound Bengal tiger. The name of this tiger was Richard Parker.  As days pass only Pi and Parker could manage to survive.

       This book has three parts – Toronto and Pondicherry, Pacific Ocean and Mexico.  Part two tells his experience with Richard Parker in a lifeboat.  The story is written is a fabulous was. This book has won Man Booker Prize in 2002. This book is also a major film now.

     This book is published by Penguin Books.  This book costs Rs 295. There are a total of 320 pages.  I liked this book very much, with such a heart touching story. 

Sayooj Samuel
  VIII - A

Thursday, 21 February 2013

George's Marvellous Medicine

                                            George's Marvellous Medicine

This book review gives a brief analysis of a children's story book " George's Marvellous Medicine " written by the renowned story teller, Roald Dahl.The book is published by Puffin Books and is priced at 6 euros [apprx Rs.435]
                The story is about a small boy named George.His grand mother is very grumpy and George wants to teach her a lesson. So when its time for her medicine,George makes a marvellous medicine which makes the grandma grow taller, even higher than the house . When George's father saw his mother , he was surprised and told George to give the medicine to all the animals in the farm . His father asked him to make the medicine once again but unfortunately the ingredients were not correct , and it made a chick as small as a seed . When grandma saw the cup of medicine in George's hand she thought it was tea and drank it . It made her smaller and smaller and she vanished from their sight .
                 Nobody felt bad because no one loved her.While she was with them ,she would always be picking quarrels with them .And after grandma's disappearence , we see the family living happily together.Nobody missed her because she had never loved any of them.
                 The book is interesting because it teaches us a valuable lesson through a humorous story .While we are here in this world we must spread love and happiness.People will love us for that .This affection and sharing is what makes a house a home .
                  I selected this book because I have read Roald Dahl's books before and I knew his books promise light and enjoyable reading .Hope you all will also read and enjoy this book.
                                                                                     Anne Joseph
                                                                                      VI B


This is a fabulous book written by Mark Twain,and retold by Marie Coghill. characters in this book are-Tom Sawyer,Huckleberry Finn: one of Tom's friends,Injun Joe: the villain of the novel. Joe is a half Native American, a drunkard and murderer.Becky Thatcher: a classmate of Tom's who is new to St. Petersburg.Aunt Polly: Tom's guardian.
Tom lives with his Aunt Polly, half-brother Sid, and cousin Mary in the quaint town of St. Petersburg, just off the shore of the Mississippi River. St. Petersburg.Tom was made to whitewash the fence as punishment after playing hooky from school on Friday and dirtying his clothes in a fight.Tom is the undeniable leader of his "gang" of boys, leading them on a series of escapades drawn from the stories he has read of pirates and thieves. The novel moves from the antics of Tom's irrepressible sense of fun to a more dangerous kind of adventure when he and Huck witness a murder. Ultimately, Tom must put aside his fantasy world and do the right thing to keep an innocent man from bearing the guilt of a crime committed by Injun Joe. Tom continues his transformation into a more responsible young man when he and Huck avert the further violence threatened by Injun Joe.This is an adventurous story.The book contains 170 pages.After each chapter the story more interesting.The book is published by Macimillan India Limited.The book oonly costs Rs74. I request all to read this book.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Tale of Heidi



Published by-Dhingrapublishing house


The book I read was a story of a girl named HEIDI who was very fond of nature.She loves the mountains ,fir trees,flowers,birds and goats.HEIDI is a little girl who lives on the SWISS ALPS.She is an orphan and she is bought up by her aunt DETE till she was five.Then her aunt decides to leave her with her grandfather who is an odd personality living in the mountains.When she comes to live with him grandfather undergoes a change.Soon,she became fond of her grandfather and peter who was a goat-herd.However her aunt takes her away to FRANKFURT to get her employed.There HEIDI becomes a playmate of rich but cripple child CLARA.Although the two girls get along very well,HEIDI was always fond of mountains,flowers and her grandfather.After a while she was sent back to the mountains but she retains her friendship with CLARA.After a year or two CLARA comes to see HEIDI in the mountains Where she became healthy and can walk without wheelchair.

HEIDI is a tale of love,happiness,friendship and care.The first ten chapters are about sorrow and lonesomeness.The next twelve are about friendship,care and happiness.

However I enjoyed a lot reading this book as well as felt sorry for the poor little HEIDI who was an innocent child.I also cried a little thinking about HEIDI.Hope you will experience the same.






Publisher : DC Books

Pages : 64

Publishing Year : 2008

     ‘Dracula’ is a famous horror novel written by an Irish novelist Bram Stoker. The main character is a vampire, named Count Dracula, a mysterious aristocrat who lives Transylvania. Other important characters are Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker, Professor Van Helsing, Lucy Westenra, Docter Seward and Dracula’s brides.

     This book is written in a way of journals collected from all the main characters including Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker and Docter Seward.  This book was first published on 26 May 1897. In this story Count Dracula finds his way to England where Jonathan Harker lives.  This story is exciting from the beginning to the end. I liked this book very much although it is a horror novel.

     This book is published by DC Books, Mango classics. This book is an abridged version. This book is retold by Chaz Brenchly and illustrated by Vanessa Lubach. This book has a total of 64 pages. I like this book....

Sayooj Samuel

Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian

             Book Review     




This story is about Percy, son of Poseidon –The sea god who is in a big agony. According to the prophecy of the Oracle the Hero must die when he turns sixteen and it’s only one week away for him to turn sixteen.
                        At the same time the Half Bloods (mortal gods) are preparing for the BATTLE against The Titan lord Kronos (the elder god) while the Olympian gods (the younger gods) are busy with the monster Typhoon. Knowing that chances of winning are less the Half Bloods is trying to protect the Olympus from Kronos. Now it’s up to Percy and the army of young Demigods to stop Lord Kronos and his army in time. CAN Percy and his friends stop Kronos before he destroys Olympus and the World…………...?
 ………… This was the most exciting book in the whole series that I have read. Every page turns with a mystery. The climax of the story is the most important part. I prefer this book to class 8 and 9.