The Witches

The Witches

Author: Roald dahl

Title: The Witches



Price: 350

The witches is an another book by the world's No 1 storyteller- Roald Dahl whose works make him respected and inspired among children and parents and these includes Charlie and the chocolate factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda, James and the giant peach etc. The main characters of this book are the boy, His grandmama, The Grand high witch, Mr. Jenkins, Bruno Jenkins etc. Normally what we think about witches are those characters in J.K Rowling's books and stories but the author here gives a brief description on witches, how are they destructive and the identification among them. Then the story goes with the adventures of a boy and his grandmama to stop these witches from destroying children and these are indeed should be read by the reader because they create a main plot in this story and this adventure twists and turn to become a good end. I think the illustrations made by Quentin Blake made me read this book because they are just like awakening to life  and these accompany Roald Dahl's literature so to make it  readable by the children. So I think you are also in a hurry to know more about this book and the presentation . Roald dahl uses a very simple language in his books and I think his book can be read by anyone who is inspired by his works. So rush to the library or your nearby book centers to take this book and I hope the information provided will help you picking this book and of course reading this book!!!!!!


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