Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator

Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator

Title: Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator

Author:  Roald Dahl

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 176

I.S.B.N: 978-0-141-32269-8

Price: 350

Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator is one of the well-liked Dahl book .Roald Dahl, needless to say is one of the apple of the young minds eye and of course he can’t be worth the title without his admired books which include Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Matilda, The Twits The witches and much more. The story is all about the persistence of the main protagonist Charlie followed by Willy Wonka, Mr. and Mrs. Bucket, the olden gold Grandpas and Grannies etc which had arose from Dahl’s pen to a long way to the young’s mind. The book follows the Dahl sequence of literature that is start with a strange episode accompanied by its solution, stepping to the main plot followed by a long twist and ends with the unfeasible yet enjoyable climax. But what it is, how it is and how well it is can be only acknowledged by Dahl, his pen and of course READER!!!!!!

The book costs a total of 351 rupees. A cake is incomplete and tasteless without the icing. In the same manner Dahl books are incomplete without Quentin Bakes hilarious illustrations which will make the greatest artists dumb struck!!!!. The illustrations are just waking up from the page to us because every line you read and you make an image in your mind, I bet you will find the similar image the next page. I don't have a special recommendation for this book but I would like to recommend it to all the students who had been struck with the thought you get after you read Charlie and the chocolate factory just like me. So I hope you will rush to the library sooner or later to know more about Wonka vite, Vita Wonk, their unimaginable life and of course THE VERMICIOUS KNID!!!!!.


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