Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Blue Lotus

This is the fifth book of The Adventures of Tintin written by Herge.Tintin is in India taking a well-earned rest, he is drawn into a dangerous mystery revolving around the poison of madness called Rajaijah.At first Tintin was staying at the palace of the Maharaja of Gaipajama in India.After hearing the name Mitsuhirato from a visitor,Tintin and snowy goes to Shanghai.Wang Chen Yee who is the leader of the society,Sons Of The Dragon,requests Tintin to help them in their mission to stop opium trade.Tintin is captured by Mitsuhirato and he tried to poison him with Rajaijah. A member of the secret society helps Tintin to get out of the trouble.Tintin rescues a boy named Chang Chong Chen from flood.At last Tintin solves the mystery and reveals the truth that Mitsuhirato is working with Roberto Rastapopoulus, who is the head of the opium smuggling team who first arrived in the Cigars Of The Pharaoh.
This is a nice book and i loved reading it.It is published by Egmount Publishers.I hope all my friends will be tempted to read this book after reading this review.



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