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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Our World: Mountains

The name of this book is "Our World Mountains".It is published by S.Chand Publishing.It Worth Rs 99.This book completely focuses on the different mountains in the world.It also tells us about the mountains,how the form,their types,exploding mountains,shaping mountains,etc.Below,I am giving some facts which are mentioned in this book.....
  • Sometimes,mountains are formed when boiling runny rock burst.
  • Volcanoes are found where the Earth's crust is thin.
  • Volcanoes that will never errupt again are called extinct,etc...
I liked this book very much because of its topic.I liked the coverpage too.The pictures are very clear and exact.Another reason is that I like the subject;Geography.....
I feel that this book has given me a lot of knowledge I never got before reading this..........

Card no:S5290

E-books Vs Printed books

E-Books Vs Printed Books 


     E-books and printed books, both tell the same story of the book. But which is more convenient, helpful, and interesting?  People might select the e-books. “Will e-books replace the printed books?”  For me the answer is- It may replace. There are many reasons which support this because these are the latest technologies invented day by day. People always prefer the new and new technologies; still there are many who like to read on printed books. This includes me because I also like to read printed books rather than e-books.

     Printed books have fewer disadvantages than that of e-books. For making books, trees are cut. But for e-books, there is a long list of it. By reading e-books, especially which are very large books, our eye concentrates carefully at the screen, which may cause many problems for our eyes. Secondly, these may also cause health problems for us, sitting all day in front of it. ‘Couch Potato’ and ‘Mouse Potato’ are two terms which refers to those people who spend their time on computers and TV sitting on a couch and eating all junk foods. E-books may also result in this.

     In conclusion, I would suggest you to read printed books rather than e-books because our reading and vocabulary skills decreases by reading e-books compared to printed books.  Our concentration may also get diverted by reading e-books.

  Sayooj Samuel




Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth is the fifth book in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series.  This book is divided into three sections- September, October and November. This book's main Characters are Greg, his family and Rowley Jefferson. In this Book Greg is dealing with the pressure of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, dental appointments and much more. And he also had a big fight with Rowley. I liked this book because the story almost resembles to mine and it is also very interesting because of the cartoons


Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Iam posting a review of the story WHO IS STRONG?. This story is about Sun & Wind. The story goes like this…..
One day there was a strong wind all the trees & plants was very much frightened of the wind. On seeing the scariness of the plants & trees the wind felt proud of himself. The wind began to boast. The sun heard this. He wanted to teach him a good lesson. He asked the wind to compete with him to see who is strong. The wind agreed. A man was walking by. Sun told that whoever will make the man take off his coat will be the winner. The first chance was for the wind, the wind blew hard but in vain. The next chance was for the sun, the extreme heat of the sun made the man take off his coat. The loosing made the wind stop boasting. And the wind never boasted again.
                                                                                                                                                  DONE BY:
                                                                                                                                     ANNA ROSE ANTONY                   

The Twits

              I took this book because of only one thing , it is none another than Roald Dahl (Author of this book) is the author of the book named "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" . But I didn't read this book till now . I only saw the film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . If I get the book anytime I will read it .
          Roald Dahl's book's peculiar thing is that , there will be many poems in between the story . I like this story well . It is illustrated by Quentin Blake . First published by Jonathan Cape Ltd in 1980 . Made and printed by Clays Ltd . Roald Dahl is born on 13th September 1916 . A CIP catalogue record is available from the British Library . 
          It is a book of a cruel and ugly couple treating their monkeys and treating the birds by killing many of them for their Bird Pie supper . At last when the time has come for the monkeys and birds they paid back a huge punishment for them . If anybody get this book don't forget to read the story and his Bio Data , etc ...

                                                                                                              DONE  BY ......
                                                                                                                      Sanjo Prakash C
                                                                                                                       VIII -D

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Feluda Mysteries: Murder By The Sea

This book is written by Shri Satyjit Ray, one of his best selling the felluda mystery. 

Feluda is a professional detective with his cousin Topshe and his friend Lal Mohan Babu.Felluda, Topshe and Lal Mohan Babu are holidaying in the seaside town Puri in Orissa. When they discover a dead body on the beach and soon Felluda's holiday turns into an edge of the seat hunt for the killer. 

Some very odd things are happening in the little costal town. Ancient Buddish Manuscripts vanishes, an unknown man walking in sand leaving very strange foot prints. Lalmohan Babu finds an amazing astrologer but Topshe is not so sure of the Astrologer. Felluda raises against time to unmask a murder with many faces who will not hesitate to kill again. 

I liked this book very much and this book is full of fun and thrilling. I Hope you all will have the same enjoyment when u read this book.

Abhinav R

Harry potter and the philosophers stone

Harry potter and the philosophers stone

                                             TITLE:  Harry potter and the philosophers stone



PRICE: 553

Harry potter and the philosophers stone is the a wonderful book written by J.K.Rowling. It is the first book in the series of Harry Potter. It is one of the books which is mostly liked by the children all over the world. The author of the book J.K. Rowling is a British author and a favorite author in every child's mind. The story is about a small boy named Harry potter who lost his parents when he was a small boy. The staffs of Hogwarts constitute at Privet drive and  leaves the small boy in the footstep of the only relative of Harry Potter leaving a letter saying everything about him. Harry manages his 10 years somehow with the Dursleys and one day when the Dursleys migrated to a coastal area when the Dursleys were fed up with the letters sent to Harry Potter everywhere they went. But at the coastal area also there came a large man named Hagrid and takes Harry from there and goes to buy books,wands,pet etc. The next day they goes to the railway station. The rest of the story is very interesting because they are all concerned with magic. At the journey he meets two students named Ron and Hermione and makes friendship with them.   The rest of the story is about the adventures they had in the Hogwarts- the magical school. One of the greatest adventure they had was about the philosophers stone. The three doubts Snape but at last,with the help os his friends Harry could go foreword and he knows that Quirell was trying to steal it and he had a face of Voldemort. 

The book is really interesting from the very beginning to the end. The characters of the book are Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore etc. The presentation of the book is very nice and it is written such a way that to impress the children. More works from J.K. Rowling are the casual vacancy, and more books in Harry Potter. I liked the book very much and I liked Harry Potter the most. In my opinion this book is readable for the 5th grade children to 8th grade children.



This story is about the missing medals of an old man next to Colin’s house. That was the old man’s all memories. And Colin heard the man talking about the lost medals. The old man was crying till he ends his last word.
Peter’s grand got him a bunch of chocolates and for him and his club. And they met again in a meeting and they all ate chocolates. They were very bored that secret seven had not solved a mystery for a long time. Peter (leader of the club) said that “we should solve any mysteries or anything like helping people”. And at that time Colin remembered the old man’s problem and they have heard that the nets with eggs are missing in all the trees. They decided to solve two of the mysteries in one time.
It was Colin’s duty to ask the old man about the medals. And it was George’s, Barbara’s and Jack’s duty to find out who is stealing the nets and the eggs.
It was Colin’s turn to do his work. He put his ball into the old man’s garden when he was in the garden and asked the old man that he could take it or not. The old man agreed and they sat together to drink a coffee and the old man said about the medals and started to cry. Colin got very sad and promised the old man that he and his friends will find the medals. From the servant Colin got much information and ran to tell to his friends.
Now it was the turn of the children to find who was stealing the nets. When they went to the wood they easily found who was stealing with the help of a man named Tom. He gave some information to the secret seven and the secret seven understood that he and another one was the thief and planned to hide in the woods. Because they understood that in a woodpecker’s hole the medals were hidden.
Atlast they got the medals safely to the old man.

                                                                               J Afreen Zaibu
                                                                                         VI B


The story is written by Charles Dickens.The story tells about the orphan boy Oliver Twist.Book contains 200 pages and is written in a simple way that we can understand easily.

Oliver is born in a workhouse in the first half of the nineteenth century. His mother dies during his birth, and he is sent to an orphanage . Along with the other orphans, Oliver is regularly beaten and poorly fed. After some days, he walks up to the the stern authoritarian, Mr. Bumble, and asks for more. For this impertinence, he is put out of the workhouse. He then runs away from the family who take him in. He wants to find his fortune in London. Instead, he falls in with a boy called Jack Dawkins, who is part of a child gang of thieves--run by Fagin. 
Oliver is brought into the gang and trained as a pickpocket. When he goes out on his first job, he runs away and is nearly sent to prison. However, the kindness of the person who was robbed, saves him from the terrors of the city gaol, and instead he is taken into the kindheartedness gentleman's home. However, as soon as he thinks he is settled, Bill Sikes and Nancy (two members of the gang) takes him back. Oliver is once more sent out on a job--this time assisting Sikes on a burglary.
The job goes wrong and Oliver is shot and left behind. Once more he is taken in (this time by the Maylies, the family he was sent to rob), and he spends a wonderful time with them. However, once more Fagin's gang comes after him. Nancy, who is worried about Oliver, tells the Maylies what is happening. When the gang find out about Nancy's treachery, they murder her.
Meanwhile, the Maylies reunite Oliver with the gentleman who helped him out earlier and who turns out to be Oliver's uncle. Fagin has been arrested and hanged for his crimes; and Oliver settles down to a happy life with his family.
It is a touching story of an boy in which the life and fate of an orphan is depicted.I suggest everyone to read the story.

- Gayathry,s

Famous Five - Five Have a Mystery to Solve

          This is the one of the most wonderful book I have read . Not only me many children likes Famous Five very much . I like this book because its a fiction story and wrote by Enid Blyton . He is a famous author and my favourite author . Most of his books are fiction like Secret Seven , Mystery Series , etc. There are 21 parts of books in Famous Five in that 'Five Have a Mystery to Solve' is 20th .
          It is first published in Great Britian in 1963 by Hodder and Stoughton . A catalogue record for this title is available from the British Library . In this book they are living in a cottage . One day they went to the golf course near their cottage one man named Lucas told them a mystery that there is a island near by named Whispering Island . Some persons found the treasures and try to steal . But before that the main five members including the dog and their friend find it .
         There is also a special note from Enid Blyton that the island is real , and lies in the great harbour , still full of whispering trees . The little cottage on the hills is still there , with its magnificent view and its old well . And also Lucas can be found on the golf course , nutbrown and bright eyed , telling stories of the animals and birds he loves so much . I enjoyed this book very well .If you also see this book , don't forget to read it...
                                                                                                           DONE BY ......
                                                                                                                   Sanjo Prakash C
                                                                                                                   VIII - D

Monday, 28 January 2013


WELL DONE SECRET SEVENis one of the book written by ENID BLYTON. the story goes like this...
In a hot summer afternoon the meeting begins.All the members arrived. They were melting in the hot sun.
Jack said we should change or meeting place,because it is too hot here. Barbara said that she had a safe & good hiding place in her garden. But they thought that if Susie come to know about this then she will hear all their secret. So they went to Windy Woods. They saw a huge tree in the middle of the woods & chooses it. They went up up the tree, they were sad that Scamper was unable to climb. They saw a small hole on the trunk of the tree which suits for him. 
     The next day onwards they started building the tree house & holding the meetings. They had a small hole in which they used to keep foods. They came to know that the tree house was used by someone else. One night two of them went to the tree house to take something. They saw that there was a limb boy on top. The boy told that he was chased by his uncle and his friend. Peter & Jack felt pity & allowed him to stay there at nights. His uncle & his friend was still looking for him. So hope you all will read & enjoy the story.
                                                        ANNA ROSE ANTONY

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Goosebumps:Cry of the cat

The story of CRY OF THE CAT revolves around Alison. Alison is a young girl who is involved in theatre. One afternoon while on her way to play practice, she runs over a cat and kills it. At least she thinks she killed it. When she takes it back to the owners, it comes back to life. The same cat shows up again during play rehearsal and is crushed by a set piece on accident. But the cat comes back again and starts to haunt Alison. The cat, Rip, isn't like other cats and it has a mind of its own. Rip atlast will bite Alison and she will turn into a cat. But NOT COMPLETELY. HALF HUMAN AND HALF CAT. HER BEHAVIOUR IS CHANGING LIKE A CAT’S. She again killed the cat for the third time. All in accident. After she will kill it for the fourth time. This time she killed like that the cat will never come alive. And her half cat slowly changed.

                                                                                                J Afreen Zaibu
                                                                                                         VI B

Goosebumps- Return to ghost camp

                                REVIEW OF RETURN TO GHOST CAMP

This is about a child who is not interested in going camp. But his parents always say to go to camp. Dustin, he is very annoying about bugs. His brother, Logan is singing songs. Atlast no way for not going to the camp.

A big yellow bus roared to a stop in front of their house.The bus doors opened. "Going to camp full moon?" the driver snarled. He raised my eyes to  his face-and screamed. His face was red and swollen-and covered with fleas. Angry dark blotches swelled on his forehead-raw,fresh flea bites, dripping with yallow gunk. He let out a scream. Mother called out, Only a dream.

Bus came into his house. He first looked the driver, no problem.On the bus he med a child named Ari who cheated Dustin by a little game of changing their names and things and to fool all others. After going to the camp Dustin understood that Ari was the snatcher. But he didn't understand what they were saying about.

He found a child named Laura who really was a wolf in the woods and all his friends were ghosts.And this summer he is the snatcher who should save the ghosts. To save the ghosts he should cross a river.

Atlast he crossed the river and saved the ghosts. This is an excellent story I have ever read till now.

                                                                                                                   J Afreen Zaibu
                                                                                                                          VI B

Thursday, 24 January 2013


The mystery starts when Susie loses her plane. Peter and Jack climb the wall of the house where the owners have left it abandon for one year. There they see a man called Georgie Grim who is the gardener of the same house. He is really angry on the boys. So they go back and plan to come later when the gardener has gone. They found the plan on top of the balcony and climb the tree and get the plane.
There Peter notices gas fire in the balcony room. When they came back the next day to discover what the gas fire was all about, they saw Grim and a banker who has the key of the house. Peter and Jack tell the happenings to Grim and the banker. First they refuse to believe the two boys. But Peter requests them to go to the room and see if anything is there was any truth in his words.But when they go there they find no gas fire going on.But Peter notices something odd.He sees a plant which was fresh and  an eight day clock still working!! But as Peter was going to tell these to the others the banker was furious with peter and threw him out of the house.Peter was really angry and again decided to come the next night,climb up the tree and watch.Every thing happened according to their plain.And they were astound to see Grim going into the house!! Peter thought that it must be for burglary  and reports it to his father.Coinsidentally his father knows the banker and teliphones him to come,pick him up and go and check what was goin on.

Find out the most exiting finish of the secret seven by reading the book and is simply available in our school library..


                                                                                                                Abhishek Kasturi