review - Malgudi Schooldays

Malgudi Schooldays

Introduction by Shashi Deshpande

This book is about the adventures of a boy named Swaminathan and his friends like Rajam and Mani in an imaginery South Indian town called ‘Malgudi’. This book is a slightly abridged version of ‘Swami and Friends’ , it includes two stories featuring Swami from ‘Malgudi days’ and ‘Under The Banyan Tree’. It is written by R.K.Narayan and illustrated by his brother R.K.Laxman. it is published in Puffin by Penguin books India. It has got 240 pages and in each page we can find humour and adventure.
Swami is a harum-scarum boy and his adventures are really funny. He is like most of us because he also don’t like Mondays, he has problems with his studies . In school he has friends, best friends, and even enemies like his teachers and headmaster. His father is stern but his mother and grandmother always supports him. At that time British were ruling India and so the Swadeshi movement is mentioned in this book. Swami burns his cap thinking it was foreign but actually it was a khaddar cap. He breaks the windows and was dismissed from his first school. Then he goes to another school, called Board High School.  They form ‘Malgudi Cricket Club’ or the MCC. Swami was called ‘Tate’ because he was a good bowler.This boy is also mischievous . He creates problem in the other school also and was scared and ran away from home. Finally after a lot of searching he was found. This parents were thankful to the District Forest officer, Mr. Nair. He had lost his way and had reached the Mempi forest and had luckily escaped from wild animals. This novel ends with the leaving of Rajam to Trichinopoly, because his father, the superintendent of Police,had got transferred.
I loved reading this book. In my opinion everyone should read this book and enjoy.
-         T.Anagha Sivadas
          IX C

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