The Hidden Pool

NAME OF THE BOOK : The hidden pool

AUTHOR : Ruskin Bond

MAIN CHARACTERS : Laurie , Anil , Kamal

GENRE : Friendship , Adventure

' The hidden pool ' , Ruskin Bond's first novel for children features the story of Laurie , an English boy who ends up meeting two friends Anil and Kamal . The story tells about their friendship . The story starts with Laurie's lonely life in Mussoorie when he came from England . Laurie meets Anil who changes his life and he would get used to living in that village . He finds himself making friends with Anil and Kamal . an orphan who sells little things for his livelihood . The story then moves to how they find a pool where they enjoy fishing and what not . The author turns our attention in the middle to an expedition to a glacier with the three friends . I would recommend this book to the list of the books that a reader must read . Written in a simple way , it is innovative and truly interesting . 
Its not too late readers !
Go grab a copy of ' the hidden pool ' from your nearest book store or library and go through this priceless gift of Ruskin Bond's ..............




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