Harry Potter by J K Rowling: Book Review

I have no words to say about this book. It is actually series ,but anyway. This is a novel by J K
Rowling. I have read all the seven books in the series. I just love this book and i just think its a fantastic novel. It is a funny story.
When i first saw the book it looked huge and looked like a dictionary. But when I finally decided to read it ,I found it a lot more interesting than I expected. It is adventurous, thrilling and a little mysterious and action. 

The main characters in this novels are Harry Potter , Hermoine Granger, Ronald Weasley and Voldemort as the villain. I am not just talking about the book but also the movies. The books are about Harry Potter's adventures defeating Voldemort. It is indeed a lovely novel. The thing I like about this book the most is that we will not be wanting to read the next page but the last page. What I am trying to say that the dialogues and the rest of the things makes us curious to know about what will happen in the ending. And I don't suppose I have any bad comments or any suggestions to make. That is why I am giving this book 5 stars and to whoever is reading this , I say this is an amazing book and is a must read novel.

Ameya S Nair
6 D

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