Charlotte’s Web - Book Review by Vedakalyani, VII B

Book name – Charlotte’s web
Author – E B White
Illustrated by - Garth Williams
Published by – Harper & Brothers

Main Characters
Wilbur – The pig
Charlotte – A spider, Wilbur’s best friend
Fern Arable – Who looked after Wilbur when he was small 
Mr. Zuckerman – Fern’s uncle and the owner of the barn where Wilbur lived
Templeton – A rat who lived in the barn
Mr. Arable – Fern’s father
Avery – Fern’s brother

I read a book named Charlotte’s web a few day ago. It was a wonderful book. It is a book that tells us about love and friendship. 

It a story of a small girl named Fern Arable. When she knows that her father is going to kill a new born pig because it was a runt and won’t amount to anything. Then she argues with her father and she raised the baby pig and named him Wilbur. After a five months he was sent to the barn which was owned by Fern’s uncle, Mr. Zuckerman. He was very lonely in the barn because he did not have a friend to talk or discuss anything. After sometime he found a friend for him, a spider named Charlotte A. Cavatica. Then they became the best of friends. After few while Wilbur comes to know that he is going to be killed in the coming Christmas. Then Wilbur gets upset and become afraid. Then his best friend Charlotte promised that he would make Wilbur’s life safe. But Wilbur had doubt whether Charlotte will be able to make his life safe or not but he believed in Charlotte because Charlotte was his intimate friend. To know whether Charlotte will be able to save Wilbur’s life?  And how will she save him?  Well, I am not going to tell you because I don’t want to spoil the climax. 

If you want to know what will happen next, read this amazing book named “Charlotte’s Web”.

Vedakalyani K B, VII B

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